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Daily Twitter Posts - 24/05/2012

19:26 It seems to be raining heavily outside now. #
19:00 Come ln, is a musician reported as being "on drugs" instead of "on drums" really *that* funny? #
17:58 Thursday night #NRL? Seriously? Why not just go for seven nights a week? #
17:33 Hey what happened to @dannolan_ebooks? #qanda #
17:29 Thank *you*! RT @CeBITAUS: Thank You For A Great #CeBIT #
17:14 I love the fact that consecutive tweets in my timeline are from @tedxsydney and @RandomTEDTalks. But we really need a #TEDxNugent. #
16:01 Tony Abbott can now, I believe, be fairly classified as a thug and a bully. That is all. #auspol #
14:08 Why did Doha's bid for the 2020 Olympics come to grief? NBC don't want an October Games - #