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Daily Twitter Posts - 01/08/2012

22:58 I reckon I could play #badminton that well. And I would be trying. #london2012 #
22:29 just discovered that Yngling is no longer an Olympic event :( #london2012 #sailing #
21:39 Great race. Germany wins. If they ever slash the Olympic Games to ten events please keep the #rowing eights. #london2012 #
21:35 Yes it does help if I enable publishing before tweeting the link: #
21:28 Three Union Jacks at the medal ceremony. Two Southern Crosses. Australia, we really do need our own unique flag. #london2012 #rowing #
21:26 All rise for God Save Zara Phillips' Gran. #london2012 #rowing #
21:22 A blatant SEO-friendly guide to all my blog references to Michael Phelps over the past three Olympiads - #london2012 #
21:00 Did anyone come first?? RT @thetodayshow: Silver for Kate Hornsey & Sarah Tait in the women's pairs - fantastic finish! #london2012 #
20:57 Huge win to the Brits. Fantastic. #london2012 #rowing #
19:23 A Horse's Birthday edition of my daily #london2012 blog - #
18:31 Twenty minutes of ACA? That sounds like a compromise fought out in the ch9 boardroom. (now watching SBS) #
18:25 From 2006, the transcript of @bobjcarr's interview for @ForeignOfficial with the late Gore Vidal. #
18:21 I really need to sort my digital TV setup #
18:19 Seven mins of Olympic news, some local stuff, today's Tony Abbott Says, a Youtube clip, then at 6.17 it's back to Kenny in London. #9newsat6 #
18:04 You'd think that when ch9 break away from the Olympics for News that they would show non-Olympic news #
12:41 Match-fixing controversy in Auckland #RugbyLeague after team guaranteed a semi-final spot loses game 102-0 #
08:55 @JonnoDixon surely they'd need to rename the whole sport if they did that? #
07:42 No way. RT @sunriseon7 Michael Carr-Gregg believes there will be a total ban on social media at the next Olympic Games in Rio in 2016. #Sun7 #
07:15 @JonnoDixon that would be good then. But I was hoping for the wallavolleys #
06:50 Dave Zirin @EdgeofSports on the fracas surrounding Damien Hooper's T-shirt. #london2012 #
06:42 Majlinida Kelmendi, the judoka competing for Albania because the IOC doesn't recognise her native Kosovo - #london2012 #
06:32 Such a diverse continent of marsupials and Australia continues to mangle the word "kangaroo" for its sporting teams. #london2012 #
06:31 Some nicknames are best never invented. RT @ABCOlympics: The Volleyroos have defeated Great Britain in straight sets 25-15, 25-18, 25-20 #
06:15 Now this is where ch9 crosses to live and uniterrupted hockey, right? Right?? #
06:14 Learning the words to the Chinese national anthem is on my To Do list. Mind you, I struggle with the second verse of Advance Australia Fair. #
06:09 If Alicia Coutts was a nation she'd be level on the medal tally with Brazil and Hungary right now. #london2012 #