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London Day Ten gold medal edition: Tom's laser

It's like the good old days of Moscow, Los Angeles and Seoul again, when Australian gold medals were rare events to be savoured, not the passe quota-fillers of Athens and Beijing. On the tenth official day of competition, Tom Slingsby has taken out the men's laser event in the sailing competition to deliver Australia's second gold medal of the London Olympic Games, nine days after winning its first.

Second to Slingsby was Pavlos Kontides, who goes into the history books as the first ever Olympic medallist from Cyprus.

At the time of writing this result puts Australia onto 2 gold 12 silver 7 bronze. Equal with Japan on gold and silver, but six less bronze. It does, however, mean that we have drawn level with South Korea on 21 medals (although they have 10 gold 5 silver 6 bronze).

But will Kazakhstan (still 6-0-0) go bronzeless for the first time since Sydney 2000?

A quick shout to India, for whom Mary Kom won her quarter-final bout in the 51kg category of the inaugural women's boxing tournament on Monday. A semi-final spot guarantees a medal, meaning that India will have at least five - making this their most successful Olympics ever.

Returning to that great men's 100 metres final one more time... it seems a lifetime ago now but it was actually less than eighteen hours before I'm writing this. I can't show you the actual race here, but The Guardian has kindly recreated the whole race in Lego - complete with Asafa Powell's painful breakdown:

(part of a superb series of Brick-by-Brick Lego re-enactments of London 2012 highlights at The Guardian)