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Daily Twitter Posts - 22/08/2012

22:10 Somali Olympian drowns trying to reach Europe by boat - Africa - World - The Independent via @Independent #
21:26 Infographic Alert: English Premier League clubs have more social network fans than the NFL - #
21:12 there's now a transcript of that Abbott/Sales interview in case you're thinking of doing your own dramatic re-enactment #
21:12 how on Earth did Team Abbott let him on #abc730 on a night that Uhlmann was away? #
20:53 Tony Abbott and Leigh Sales had a little chat on the ABC tonight. Here's the video: #
20:08 well. Tonight's moral for all #NRL players is: never ever take the early plea. #judiciarylotto #
20:03 darn. Just got in as the TAbbott interview was finishing. Worth catching by the sounds of it. #abc730 #
20:01 @anandvasu Most social media is still an imprecise science. It's like stats - they need to have quality and you need to know how to use them #
19:44 @anandvasu I wouldn't take Klout too seriously. Worth the fun of tracking celebrity Klout scores and that's about it. #
16:55 So what's the consensus hashtag for the Sept 8 NSW council elections? #nswcouncilelections is too long. @NSWelections is using #nswce. #
14:17 Nike, Pepsi, Burger King, Google topped a poll of consumers favourite Olympic brands. Except they're not Olympic brands #
13:51 NSW Govt withdraws funding for the Sydney Triathlon. Apparently it causes "traffic chaos". #nswpol #
13:40 Strip billiards? Is that any Olympic sport yet? Goodness knows we need more royals in the British Olympic team. #
13:14 @Swearycat @newtownrlfc the new rights deal is a minimum requirement that could see less NSWCup. NSWRL TV rights should be separate from NRL #
13:08 I'm sceptical. RT @newtownrlfc: VB NSW CUP matches set be shown LIVE on Fox Sports as part of the new broadcast deal: #
09:16 RT @TheGlobalMail Can twitter tell if you're a psychopath by the links you click on? #data #mining #
08:43 That be @GrogsGamut on @BreakfastNews as we speak #
08:32 Reports of late night coffee and pizza negotiation sessions only make me dislike the NRL TV rights deal even more - #