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Daily Twitter Posts - 31/08/2012

20:52 Washington Post's factchecker @GlennKesslerWP on the Mittens acceptance speech - #RNC #
20:46 Clint Eastwood and a chair, the transcript - #
18:28 I long ago stopped following @PeterPhelpsMLC, he seemed like a Twitter freakshow to me. But why the sudden disappearance? #nswpol #
17:06 The RNC crowd loved Clint. That surely is no surprise. #
16:01 Forty-two years before Clint Eastwood talked to furniture, he talked to the trees - #paintyourwagon #
15:43 #ff @InvisibleObama Because if Clint Eastwood can see him, then we should follow him too. #
15:19 thank you Clint, you have truly made my day. Oh dear #
15:12 to be fair to Clint, he's just warming up for the 2016 convention #
15:07 I suppose I should watch Clint Eastwood's speech then #
14:22 It always makes me uncomfortable that the anti-CSG movement has adopted Alan Jones as a champion. Another reason why - #
11:04 @dg79 no. I'm thinking it was better for not going that far. #
10:50 someone must have a trademark on "Labor Supports Motherhood". #nswlocal #
10:49 Run this past me again: "Labor Loves Live Music" is an honest to god, ruly truly campaign slogan? #nswlocal #
09:17 There was no pretend Robert Smith, which is probably a good thing. #thecure #fathersdaybrekky #
09:07 You haven't lived till you've heard The Cure's Close To Me performed by primary school choir accompanied by teachers ukelele ensemble. #
08:37 Best. Cure. Cover. Ever. #fathersdaybrekky #
08:23 Good breakfast but it would be nice if they had a sound system working. Band and choir are almost inaudible in the racket. #fathersdaybrekky #
07:46 #wcbasketball RT @Team_SA_2012: SA 39 Australia 93, tough going, but still plenty of games left yet. #
07:19 It's the Friday before the first Sunday morning in September, and that means one thing: getting up early to attend a Father's Day breakfast #