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Daily Twitter Posts - 02/09/2012

19:47 My bad. That Alan Jones event that attracted 40 people was on Thursday not today. I'm sure he could have drawn at least 45 this afternoon. #
19:37 @TachoNazi um. Yes. Thursday. #
17:46 On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, Alan Jones attracts a massive crowd of 40 to a rally outside the Sydney Town Hall - #
17:27 @TV_Rev Twitter's a global medium and that makes Dr Who fair game from the time it screens on the BBC. Respect your regular followers I say. #
15:50 a, er, spectacular end to the #NRL season for the Warriors, from 22-6 up to 22-42 full time against the Raiders. #
15:19 @Swearycat I think this has probably been the first measurable evidence that people don't pay attention to commercials any more #
15:15 US studies show mobile web use spikes during TV ad breaks - #
08:21 #Goalball is a sport I could watch forever given the chance. Today's recap from @Paralympic - … #paralympics #
08:14 by which I'm not implying anything untoward, rather that the race was a big mismatch between Whitehead and the rest. #paralympics #
08:13 Richard Whitehead's win in the 200metres was so comprehensive you have to start wondering whether the race was fair or not. #paralympics #
08:03 Well yes. They're monarchs. RT @sunriseon7: Some UK citizens are angry that the Royal family has an “undemocratic power” to veto laws. #sun7 #
07:04 Happy Father's Day! #
06:44 "Let's head to the final event..... In terms of the Australians competing." No, Karen, please no channel9speak at the #abcParalympics #