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Daily Twitter Posts - 14/09/2012

23:52 Not a good advert for #NRL that game. Wrong venue, paltry crowd, video ref system a horror, neither team premiership material. #nrlmannql #
21:47 @sspencer_63 agree on all those points. #
21:43 Manly will get smashed by the Storm next week. #nrlmannql #
21:22 Another BOD to Manly. #nrlmannql #
21:12 Attendance 16678 at the SFS. Would have got more at Brookvale Oval. #arlcfail #nrlmannql #
21:10 Big call that try to Taufua. How many video refs do they need to come up with "benefit of the doubt"? #nrlmannql #
20:28 Try to Palmerston North, NSW. 4-12 ktc. #nrlmannql #
20:03 mannql - Say it out loud, sounds like something to do with Tony Abbott's university days. #
19:59 It's going to be a bit silly if the attendance at the SFS tonight is less than the capacity at Brooky. #nrlmannql #
19:58 Sometimes I wonder how many league fans turn up at the ANZ Stadium instead of the AlliANZ Stadium by mistake. #nrlmannql #
19:28 Three words to the Queensland LNP: Palmer. Tent. Urination. #
12:56 Report from @episcopal_news about yesterday's Washington National Cathedral memorial service for Neil Armstrong - #
12:41 it will be Wordpress. Or, more to the point of my internal dilemma, it won't be Tumblr. #
12:05 @savingourtrees thanks. I've used Wordpress on and off over the years. I like it. Just wondering whether Tumblr is better these days. #
11:59 @bernietb no geese of any age group involved #
11:33 I've arrived at one of life's great dilemmas: Wordpress or Tumblr? #
09:42 That link to Greg Sheridan's comedy piece with Marius Benson this morning - #
09:41 The ABC is a hotbed of anti-Catholic sectarianism and gives a worshipful interview to David Marr. Does that make David Marr the antipope? #
09:39 Ooh! RT @latikambourke: Whoa. Greg Sheridan goes nuts about the Abbott punch on NewsRadio this morning: #
09:32 how do I check the progress count in the Telegraph's yes/yes poll? #
09:21 I'm sure there have been worse typos than this, but it's still unfortunate - #
09:08 IRIN Global | HEALTH: The "unfinished business" of lowering child mortality | #
08:48 Richard Alston on #ABC24. Just imagine if he was still Minister for Communications today.... #auspol #
08:18 This, by @jeffjarvis on #trolling, makes far more sense than anything you'll ever read in the Telegraph - #
08:13 Tony Abbott Says he didn't do it. Good. Let's focus on his present-day inadequacies instead. #