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Daily Twitter Posts - 01/10/2012

23:08 Ross Garnaut looked interesting. Mind you, I have the volume on mute. #lateline #
22:37 I sincerely hope this is photoshopped. RT @amateuradam: And that's DEFINITELY the right picture, @BBCBreaking? #
22:18 I'm watching #qanda but not listening. A bit like being at an Alan Jones Young Liberals keynote, I would imagine. #
22:14 "Will you love me even though I'm throwing up on stage?" That will surely be one of the great quotes of 2012. #
22:09 "Justin Bieber vomits on stage twice and apologises for throwing up to fans after having too much milk." Yet again, reality trumps satire. #
19:55 the badger story is on @abc730 now #
19:40 Eight French #handball players arrested after game Sunday in match-fixing investigation - #
18:32 hmm SBS (and others) I don't really think Alan Jones is *the* top news story today, surely? #
18:18 so has Professor Flint condemned Alan Jones yet? #
17:23 @bernietb you mean February 29 in odd-numbered years? #
17:13 so that's Gangnam Style? #meh #
16:47 Eric Abetz seems to ignore the fact that the problem with Alan Jones is a lot more than one sentence in one speech. #
16:34 perhaps if Tom Waterhouse and 2GB could come to a mutual agreement whereby he sponsors the entire Alan Jones Show and nothing else #
16:31 It's 4.30pm on a Monday afternoon and I'm watching SBS. Why is Tom Waterhouse sponsoring the next program? #
16:25 Russia's proposed spending on the 2018 World Cup set to double. Meanwhile FIFA is happy with its progress. #
16:08 Simon Cowell and Planning TV Show to Find the Next Steve Jobs #
15:57 I wonder how long before GetUp starts a campaign to buy ad space on the 2GB Breakfast Show #
14:38 @sspencer_63 didn't Barry O'Farrell tweet some generalisation yesterday without mentioning Jones by name? Did he follow that up elsewhere? #
12:27 The best solution to Alan Jones is for everyone to declare him persona non grata. Everyone. #