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That's not a maximum. This isn't a maximum either. But it's closer.

Submitted by rickeyre on October 4, 2012 - 9:13pm

"17.2 Malinga to Vitori, 7 runs, nicely pish-driven, although he did back away to stay away from the line of it. Places it wide of cover, and gets three by the time deep point gets around. And his throw reach points, and Dilshan shies at non-striker's end to allow four overthrows. I don't remember ever seeing seven off one ball"

- source: Cricinfo, 18.9.12

Brian Vitori's only scoring shot for Zimbabwe in the 2012 World Twenty20 was worth seven runs. It came in the final over in the opening game of the tournament against Sri Lanka on September 18. Three all run, plus four overthrows.

Video of the Zimbabwe innings can be seen on the ICC World Twenty20 website. Vitori's seven is the second ball of the 18th (and final) over. (Note: Youtube video previously embedded here has been deleted because of reported copyright infringement by the uploader.)

It's a shame, by the way, that the scorecards from neither Cricinfo nor Cricketarchive mention the seven in their annotations.

Remember this delivery next time you hear some imaginationless TV commentator scream "maximum" at a six. And with DLF no longer the naming rights sponsor of the Indian Premier League maybe the new sponsor will come up with a more accurate name than the DLF Maximum. Even "[Insert sponsor's name] Sixer" will do.