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great moments

Great moments in secure document disposal

You can just imagine the joy in the hearts of the average (non Mets-following) New Yorker at their beloved Yankees' victory in the World Series for only the twenty-seventh time in their history. But when it came time for the street parade, there was a dilemma for your average GFC-disabled reveller. In the era of live stock prices online and on live television, what to do for ticker tape?

No problem. Just throw paper out the window. Shredded? Nah, waste of time. Just throw paper. Any paper. Waste paper, personal documents, sensitive commercial papers, anything.

Great moments in disability awareness

A woman born with a condition that resulted in underdeveloped hands and arms claims employees at a McDonald's in the Illinois town of Rockford refused to serve her when she wanted to use her foot to collect the bags of food at a takeout window.

Associated Press takes up the story.

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