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the net sessions

The Net Sessions, Episode 1.2 Re-archived

Episode two of the Net Sessions, first released August 19, 2005. Re-archived in my new blog structure and only available in Ogg Vorbis format.

There were eight episodes made up till January 2006 and they will be progressively re-loaded to this blog in the next few days.

I promise there will be a series two. If anyone wants to collaborate in Net Sessions 2.0, please contact me.

(Update July 2013: This episode of The Net Sessions is now available on Soundcloud as below. You may have noticed by now that there never was a series two.)

The Net Sessions, Episode 1.1 Re-archived

Attached is episode one from the first series of my cricket podcast, The Net Sessions. This audio was first released on August 5, 2005.

I am re-archiving the audios as part of my new blog structure, and in Ogg Vorbis format only. The former podcast feeds are in the process of being deprecated.

Not quite the first, Sunny

For the first time in India, and perhaps in the cricketing world, podcasts will be available to cricket aficionados to download and listen to at their convenience.
- Yahoo! India teams up with Gavaskar for podcasting and more, sourced from, 10.1.06

Well no, Sunny won't be featuring in the cricketing world's first podcast, though he may well be the first leading player to appear in one.


The Net Sessions Issue 5

It's late but it's here at last. The fifth edition of my cricket podcast, The Net Sessions, is now online.

The latest edition, seventeen minutes in length, is devoted to last month's ICC Awards ceremony in Sydney. I was in the press gallery at the Four Seasons Hotel that evening and recorded some audio from the awards dinner (which was telecast but, amazingly, not shown live anywhere in the world), as well as the press conferences with the winners. Some of the audio quality is a bit lesser than I would have liked, but I only have myself to blame for that.

The Net Sessions, Issue 3 (belatedly)

It's a bit late, and I apologise. More detailed grovelling in a tic, but Issue 3 of cricket's first regular podcast, The Net Sessions, is now online.

I actually had the bulk of this completed on September 5, but then for a variety of reasons I was unable to finish the post-production straight away. Faced with the dilemma of re-doing the whole thing from scratch or drawing the line and publishing out of date, I chose the latter. I regret this taking so long, but in the interests of continuity, here it is.

The podcast arriveth

Whew. It's taken up every minute of my spare time these past few days, but I've completed a thirteen-minute cricket podcast which may or may not be the first of a series.

I've gone for a simple title: "The Net Sessions". Although most of the first edition is the sound of my dulcit tones, interspersed with a few cricket-related sound bites, I hope to do a few interviews in the future and obtain correspondents' reports.

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