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nsw election 2007

More to do but heading in the right direction... not a motorist's guide to the cross-city tunnel

1978: Wran's Our Man
1988: Barrie Unsworth - He's Good Value
2007: More to do but heading in the right direction

One of these won in a landslide, one lost in a landslide, one is expected to win for the simple reason that his opponent is worse.

Seven weeks till a 0-0 draw

Seven Saturdays from today, March 24, is the NSW State Election. It's a rather depressing occasion this time around. On one side, a Labor government whose record is so bad in some areas that it deserves, not to be thrown out of office, but to be hurled out of the highest window. On the other hand, a Liberal/Nationals opposition led by one of the most disturbing excuses for a party leader that I have ever seen.


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