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Today's funnies from the White House

Iraq Fact Check: Responding to Key Myths

So you thought the US was losing the war in Iraq? How wrong could you be!

This and a dozen other myths are busted by the Fox News Channel's fact verification arm, the White House Press Office.

And just so you are certain about things, "the US is currently in Iraq at the invitation of a sovereign government and the unanimous approval of the United Nations Security Council".

At the invitation of a sovereign government... in March 2003 that would have been Saddam Hussein?

The fact sheet is here

On yer scooter, George!

As Independence Day, the 231st anniversary of the collective breakaway of thirteen British colonies from King George III's empire, draws to a close (US time), I can think of just one way to mark the occasion here.

Earlier today, the Los Angeles Impeachment Centre was officially launched. It is intended as a "countywide resource for advancing the impeachment of George W. Bush & Richard Cheney".

IWC meeting set to start, Japan seeks small-scale coastal whaling

IWC meeting set to start, Japan seeks small-scale coastal whaling (Kyodo via Yahoo! Asia News)
"The International Whaling Commission will begin a three-day annual meeting Monday in Anchorage, Alaska, with Japan seeking the resumption of small-scale coastal whaling."

What our fellow Aussies are up to in the Caribbean

Here's a report from Human Rights Watch of the opening day of the "trial" of alleged material terrorists' assistant David Hicks on Monday:

(Guantanamo Bay, March 27, 2007) – Two defense lawyers for Guantanamo detainee David Hicks were barred from representing their client yesterday, highlighting the failure of US military commissions to meet fair trial standards, Human Rights Watch said today. Hicks, the first person to be charged before the military commissions authorized by Congress in 2006, pleaded guilty to a single criminal charge.

Cherokee Nation votes for racial purity

Democracy throws up some baffling results sometimes, especially when most of the eligible voters don't bother.

Last weekend the voters in the Cherokee Nation approved a constitutional referendum, rescinding citizenship of the descendants of pre-civil war slaves.

As stated in a Cherokee Nation news release issued on Saturday:

Montana to secede from world

Ever since Illinois' abortive attempt to change the value of Pi, US state legislatures have had a long tradition of creative and innovative bill-making. Currently before the Montana State Legislature is the "Montana Sovereignty Protection Act". If passed, it will reject the "authority of the United Nations over the territory or people of Montana, and applying penalties".

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Great moments in the space race

NASA astronaut Lisa Marie Nowak is being held without bail after police say she attacked her rival for another astronaut's attention at Orlando International Airport Monday.

Nowak, who did a mission on the Space Shuttle last year, drove more than 12 hours from Texas to meet the 1 a.m. flight of a younger woman who had also been seeing the astronaut she was pining for, according to Orlando police.


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