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Youtube do dia: John Howard hits a new low

This is appalling. Maybe it should just be ignored, but John Howard is becoming so desperate that he is now playing the Disabled Child card.

Watch in disbelief as the outgoing Prime Minister exploits a young boy with cerebral palsy, but remember that, all being well, in fourteen days time this arrogant self-centred old man will be consigned to the non-recyclable wizbin of history.

(And no, the Liberal Party's technical boffins still don't know to convert a 16:9 video to 4:3 for Youtube.)

Election campaign week 47 and a half update

While everyone else does their weekly campaign summaries on a Friday, I get around to it whenever... in this case the following Wednesday.

(i) "Coalition gains one point on Labor!" Well golly gee. Four words: Statistical. Margin. Of. Error.

Youtubes do dia: Dead Man Powerwalking, Forgettable Man Skateboarding

Will John Howard continue with his ostentatious morning powerwalks when he becomes the retrenched former member for Bennelong? Or will he entertain grandson Angus with the method of transport demonstrated in the last of today's clips by Nationals leader, Mark "I can't recall" Vaile.

Euphemism of the day: Passionate and emphatic

"I didn’t think I was being cranky. I was passionate and emphatic."

- John Winston Howard, when asked by 3AW's Neil Mitchell whether he was a "cranky old bugger" during last Sunday's debate, 26.10.07

Eleven years ago, he wanted everyone to be Relaxed And Comfortable.

Not long now, John... not long now.

The debate

While you were watching Australian Idol or National Bingo Night, channels Nine, ABC and Sky News were holding their own contrived talent quest/game of chance.

Kevin Rudd won last night's debate, and in my view won it quite comfortably. John Howard started well and was best when he was delivering set pieces, but increasingly he sounded more and more cranky and defensive, and repeatedly side-stepping questions he didn't want to answer. Rudd kept his cool, however he was surprisingly weak at handling the climate change questions.

Youtubes do dia: The chaser, the copier, and Bob.

I am starting to think that the Intertubes are not going to have the impact on this Federal Election that the major parties may have been hoping for. Nonetheless, it's good for having a squizz at the TV ads without having to anywhere the Dreaded Commercial Television.

Top of the bill tonight, the Liberal Party's latest Truthful Scrutiny Ad. It's a cheap shot, but nonetheless it's one of the most incisive election ads I've ever seen, as much as anything for its simplicity. It just happens to be based upon a false premise.

Secondly, an excerpt from Bob Brown's address to the National Press Club on Wednesday (full transcript in PDF here).

And finally, a Dead Man Powerwalking verbally abuses a giant rabbit.

Get some pork on your fork in... Lindsay

Lindsay, covering the Penrith-St Marys district of outer western Sydney, was one of the Liberals' most unexpected scalps in 1996 when Jackie Kelly toppled Ross Free. Kelly has said "enough" after eleven years and one of her staffers, Karen Chijoff, is aspiring to succeed her.


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