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kevin rudd

Whatever you do, don't mention the policy

"Labor believes that supporting executions – even by a nation state – gives justification to all kinds of fanatical lunatics to take the lives of others in pursuit of their own warped ideologies. That is why, at the highest levels Australia’s public comments about the death penalty must be consistent with policy. This is especially the case if we are going to tactfully and successfully drive a regional abolitionist movement."

- Robert McClelland, Wentworth Human Rights Forum, 8.10.07

Bombing Bomber Beazley

It's December before an election year. That can mean only one thing. It's time for the ALP to panic about its leader.

Kim Beazley should never have been allowed back into the Leader's seat in 2005. A two-time loser of federal elections (1998 and 2001), a two-time loser of leadership ballots (June 2003 to Simon Crean, December 2003 to Mark Latham). His successes have been akin to Steven Bradbury's gold medal at Salt Lake City 2002.


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