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sunil gavaskar

Sunny's first podcast

The first edition of Sunil Gavaskar's podcast "My Own Pitch" is up on Yahoo! India. It's a fairly dry summary of the first day's play of the Lahore Test. The podcast's web page is here if you want to download or subscribe. (If you're a Juice or Ipodder user, then this link should handle the subscription for you.)

The first edition runs for 2 minutes 43 seconds, but beware, it contains a loud background hum and seems to end abruptly.

Not quite the first, Sunny

For the first time in India, and perhaps in the cricketing world, podcasts will be available to cricket aficionados to download and listen to at their convenience.
- Yahoo! India teams up with Gavaskar for podcasting and more, sourced from, 10.1.06

Well no, Sunny won't be featuring in the cricketing world's first podcast, though he may well be the first leading player to appear in one.

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