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How long before we see this at the SCG?

Submitted by rickeyre on December 24, 2004 - 4:32am

Considering that Test cricket in Australia is sponsored by a mobile phone company, it can't be long before we will have this to endure:

Submitted to Poynter Online's Media Tidbits by Monique Van Dusseldorp:

Another one that made me smile: doing the wave with your mobile phone. How does that one work? A Dutch company just launched SMSwave this week, at a baseball game of the Demon Astronauts in Amsterdam. First people in the audience register their participation by sending in their chair number via an SMS message - the 'wave' is then played out, by calling all registered phones in the right order, generating a wave of sound travelling the audience. Free to the audience, the service is open for sponsoring as well - users get a thank-you sms from the advertiser. Founder Jan Louwers has in the mean time patented the technology and is plotting away on making his sms wave global.