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World Cup selections

Submitted by rickeyre on March 14, 2007 - 12:52am

It's less than an hour till the start of the 2007 World Cup, so here are my selections for the first round group matches:

Tue 13th: West Indies to beat Pakistan
Wed 14th: Australia to beat Scotland, Kenya to beat Canada
Thu 15th: Sri Lanka to beat Bermuda by an innings, Ireland to beat Zimbabwe
Fri 16th: South Africa to beat Holland, New Zealand to beat England
Sat 17th: Bangladesh to beat India!, Pakistan to beat Ireland
Sun 18th: Australia to beat Holland, England to beat Canada (just)
Mon 19th: India to beat Bermuda, West Indies to beat Zimbabwe
Tue 20th: South Africa to beat Scotland, New Zealand to beat Kenya
Wed 21st: Bangladesh to beat Sri Lanka, Pakistan to beat Zimbabwe
Thu 22nd: Scotland and Holland to tie, New Zealand to beat Canada
(oh all right, Scotland to win)
Fri 23rd: India to beat Sri Lanka in the match of the round, West Indies to beat Ireland
Sat 24th: Australia to beat South Africa, Kenya to beat England
Sun 25th: Bangladesh to beat Bermuda.

A1 - Australia; A2 - South Africa;
B1 - Bangladesh; B2 - India;
C1 - New Zealand; C2 - Kenya;
D1 - West Indies; D2 - Pakistan.

I'm not going to attempt to second-guess the Super Eights at this stage, but I'm still holding to a South African victory (possibly over New Zealand).