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May 2005

Xenophobia and Schapelle

Obviously Schapelle Corby has a fight on her hands.

So too, I might add, has the Australian government because people are legitimately saying why are we giving a billion dollars in tsunami aid, and why have 9 of our helicopter pilots giving their lives for a country which so transparently cares little about the humanity of individuals.

- Alan Belford Jones, Today Show, Channel Nine, 30.5.05


I'll be offline for short period while I am moving house. During that time this site won't be updated by me, although all the dynamically-generated content will carry on regardless. See you hopefully no later than the 19th!

Great moments in fair and balanced television

I was prepared to give Channel 9 in Sydney the TV cockup of the year award for showing a pre-recording of Saturday's lotto draw in place of Monday's live lotto draw by mistake a few weeks ago, but I can't help thinking Channel 4 in the UK has gone one-up on them.

On Thursday night, Channel 4 showed a Green Party election broadcast. The subtitles, however, were of the election broadcast for the rather right-wing UK Independent Party.

Friday's Guardian picks up the story.