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October 2005

What is cricket doing for the earthquake victims?

The reports of the devastation caused by the October 8 earthquake are very distressing, and we may not yet know the full extent of the tragedy. At this stage at least 54000 people have died in Pakistan and 1400 in Indian-administered Kashmir. But there is a monumental humanitarian crisis unfolding, with about three million people homeless, many in remote locations, and winter approaching rapidly.

Steve Waugh on ABC radio... twice!

"It really is a heavy book. It'll break your shoulder."

- Margaret Throsby on "Out Of My Comfort Zone" by Steve Waugh, ABC Classic FM, 25.10.05

Christmas is coming, and that means another book from Steve Waugh. Retirement from the game may well mean no more diaries, so this year we get his autobiography. That, of course, means hitting the media trail. Two interviews that he gave to ABC Radio this morning are both online.

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