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January 2012

Daily Twitter Posts - 30/01/2012

18:07 Surprised there's not more of it. RT @TheNTNews: MAN ATTACKED with axe over Facebook comments #
14:08 Estimates?? RT @latikambourke: Oppn warning theyll pursue the 'breach of PM's security' on Aust Day at Senate Estimates when Parlt resumes. #
07:08 Hmm. Getting happy birthday emails from sites I'd long forgotten I'd signed with. Appreciate the gesture, but some unsubscribing to do! #
06:53 Isn't it just a little crazy that the #ausopen final ended at a time of night when we'd expect a Wimbledon or French Open final to finish? #
04:34 Oh so that's what happened after I went to bed at 11pm. #ausopen #

Daily Twitter Posts - 29/01/2012

20:46 Shock new revelation: Julia Gillard was dragged ten metres further than previously thought. #auspol #7news #ffs #
20:37 One of these years I'll get out to the Chinese New Year parade myself. Great vision on the hashtag #cnysyd #
19:49 Right. Heart says Nadal. Head says I shouldn't watch the tennis tonight. #
19:44 @cityofsydney Instagram website says their are no current plans for an android version :( #
19:35 I'm glad I missed Young Talent Time for this last hour of no tennis. Actually, I'm just glad I missed Young Talent Time. #
19:28 Mike Willesee? On Channel 7? In the 21st century? Oh gawd. #
19:24 Much as I love Rod Laver, this pseudo-Olympic charade is sadly missing the torch. Clumsy misuse of some legendary sportsmen. #ausopen #
19:17 Having said all that, there is something a bit awesome about this relay of the past champions (albeit Aussies only) #ausopen #
19:15 Or maybe John Batman founding Melbourne on a pushbike a la the Sydney 2000 opening. #ausopen #
19:14 I'm hoping this is leading to a climax like the "Ron Barassi walking on water" moment at the Melbourne 2006 CWG opening. #ausopen #
19:12 7pm of course being broad daylight in late-January Melbourne. #ausopen #
19:10 Say what? They closed the roof at Rod Laver Arena just to simulate night time at 7pm? #ausopen #
19:06 Instagram iPhone only aargh #fail RT @cityofsydney: Tweeps, pretty pls: tag your CNY instagrams with #CNYSYD #
18:09 I am currently being invited to share a Coke with Julia. That is all. #

Daily Twitter Posts - 28/01/2012

21:31 John Howard must be spewing. Julia Gillard attends an ICC Cricket World Cup function and gets an autographed bat - #
21:04 Has a renka won yet? #
16:59 Congratulations to @canberraunited on winning the #WLeague premiership. #
16:10 A speech from The Tempest and a tribute to the National Health Service - #london2012's opening ceremony - #
15:38 Get those shoe questions ready! MT @PeterYoung1952: Gillard/Key will discuss 2015 ICC World Cup at 4pm presser #cricket #auspol #nzpol #
15:32 Reading the tweets of the Gillard presser. Clearly summer hols are over and Silly Season 2012 has begun. #auspol #
15:27 vale Juan Epstein. RT @NYTObits: Robert Hegyes, 60, of ‘Welcome Back, Kotter,’ Is Dead #
13:49 Brilliant. RT @AlboMP: Senior feature writer @jimschembri open letter to me/ oped published in today's #Age newspaper #
12:51 New blog post from me, "Pirates of the Thames" - #cricket #london2012 #SOPA #
09:04 Great piece. RT @rdhinds: My sports and pokies column. (Won't tell you if I'm for or against.) #

Pirates of the Thames

Two items from the sportsbiz world caught my eye this week, both coming from the UK.

From London's Olympic Delivery Authority comes the news that boats transporting passengers in the vicinity of London's Olympic Park will be exempt from advertising restrictions during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. This is despite that the fact that these waterways encroach on the "exclusion zone" for non-sponsor advertising as defined by the ODA.

Daily Twitter Posts - 27/01/2012

20:29 This whole #tentembassy saga is too TOO weird. I have no opinion because I just don't know where to begin. #auspol #
20:27 @toddkirby @z3n_digital obviously not! #
20:17 WTF? I switch the tennis on just in time to see a horse race?? #
18:30 In the words of Ed Sullivan, "we have a wonderful shoe for you tonight..." #auspol #
17:40 The RSS -> Twitter gateway is on the ball RT @SkyNewsAust: Tendulkar eyeing ton #
17:29 Instagram is for iPhone ONLY :( MT @CloverMoore: Try searching #sydney on @instagram - it’s like a scrolling billboard for the city #
16:14 Err, why is a rumour spread by Ray Hadley being taken seriously? #auspol #
11:48 Has the Prime Minister's shoe been returned to her? If not, why not? #auspol #
09:37 #london2012 RT @guardianeco: Meredith Alexander: Why I resigned over Bhopal #
09:14 Silly question I know, but: Why do all the Australian flags get put away on January 27? #
07:02 And you thought the Flat White Australia Policy was an #australiaday joke? This from - #

Daily Twitter Posts - 26/01/2012

23:26 Rafa you beauty! #
22:32 Come on Rafa. I'd like to get to bed before midnight. #ausopen #fedal #
22:26 #Sochi2014 biathlon test event will be closed to the public because the venue is not finished yet - #
21:08 I hear the sound of gratuitous fireworks. #australiaday #
15:39 A true Australian legend leaves the stage. Good on you Archie. #yabun #australiaday #
15:27 I'm at Yabun. Archie Roach is on stage. Now *this* is #AustraliaDay :) #
14:06 Oh @delicious you're tinkering with your interface again. #
14:03 As I read more about Laurie Baymarrwangga, I'm inclined to think she should have been *The* Australian of the Year, not just Senior. #
13:40 Actually @RMHogg is still on Twitter, thought he was gone but the whole thing was Over Capacity #
13:39 @ammynition yes my mistake, twitter was overloaded for a minute. #
13:30 I'm hoping @RMHogg's mindnumbingly brainless attempt at #AustraliaDay humour gets deleted from his Twitter feed soon for his own good, #
12:16 Oh FFS. MT @HarveyNormanAU: Aussie Aussie Aussie! Win [link removed] this #AustraliaDay! Follow Harvey Norman & RT to celebrate! #HNReward #
12:10 I wrote this on #AustraliaDay 2007. - "One day, two Australias" #
11:24 'Cos it's #australiaday, I've storified a selection of #australianfacts - #
10:48 Meanwhile, disturbing news from Port Moresby of a pro-Somare "mutiny". Bloggage of updates by @PNGAttitude - #
10:45 And a reminder that everything accurate and truthful about Australia can be found on the hashtag #australianfacts #
10:38 When, inevitably, Australia gets its own flag, there should be protocols: no bikini tops, no thongs, no batman capes, no foreign bucket hats #
10:33 But only one brand of ice cream allowed. RT @miamiaman: @rickeyre i c the olympic games as an ice cream shop run by the mafia #
10:20 If Australia were to have a National Author it should be @JohnBirmingham. Today: "Drop Bear denial a danger to us all." #
10:16 Of course, when the inevitable happens and Australia does become a republic, let it too be proclaimed on January 26. #australiaday #
09:45 Today India celebrates the anniversary of becoming a republic. Australia celebrates the anniversary of colonial settlement. #australiaday #
04:05 Everything accurate and truthful that you need to know about Australia can be found by reading #australianfacts #
03:40 The Olympic Games are less about sport than they are about building massive advertising empires. Further evidence thr Games are much too big #

Daily Twitter Posts - 25/01/2012

20:20 More on Laurie Baymarrwangga, Senior Australian of the Year 2012 - #aoty #australiaday #
19:38 Geoffrey Rush wasn't my prediction for Australian of the Year but he's a damn fine choice. Good on him. #aoty #australiaday #
19:32 Really, that's a pretty minor technical foul from Albo's people. Sloppy, it would have been so easy to attribute. But big deal! #auspol #
12:51 @TommyTudehope you've put the case very well, but Warne lost me once and for all when he posted the pic of his burnt hand on Twitter #
12:41 Would President Obama be so kind as to keep the #SOTU address down to 40 mins so it fits into the lunch break at the #cricket? #
12:05 I think @warne888 embodies everything that is bad about celebrities on Twitter but @TommyTudehope sees it differently - #
08:42 Only two nominations for best song at the Oscars. Hopefully the beginning of the end for an obsolete category. #
08:32 @chmharvey never mind a talk show, what I'd like to see is Julian Assange moderating a GOP debate. #
07:49 An Indigenous elder talking of the Dreamtime MT @sunriseon7 Tom Burlinson reading The Man From Snowy River. What could be more Aust'n? #sun7 #
07:45 Oh how I love setting foot in a bus to be greeted by the sound of Alan Jones at full throttle. #
07:06 @sunriseon7 Former owner of Dick Smith Electronics takes on current owner of Dick Smith Electronics. Hmm ok.... #sun7 #
06:22 Is it relevant to say that the author of that nonsense is the spouse of an ex-premier? When the ex-premier tweets the link (twice) it is. #
06:18 The "poker machines benefit the community" oxymoron pushed by club director and ex-premier's husband @ben_keneally - #

Daily Twitter Posts - 24/01/2012

22:11 Carn Rafa. #ausopen #
21:14 Mayans Demand Voice in "Doomsday Tourism" Boom - IPS #
20:18 @Sans what's the Madugalle story? I've missed something? #
20:07 Off-key kiddies covering the Black Eyed Peas. Rafa's playing at the Rod Laver. Changing channels after 7 minutes. #ytt #ausopen #
20:02 How long will I last watching the (rptd) first episode of new Young Talent Time? My time starts now... #
19:49 Uh huh. RT @tehelkadotcom: Dawkins: You can call the belief in god a computer virus #JLF #
12:22 I'd rather have a second series of Warnie. RT @dylanwelch: Assange to host global TV talk show. Not kidding. #
10:05 Meanwhile, in Tony Abbott's favourite people-dumping spot. RT @RAPacific: Solar to power Nauru desalination plant #
08:26 @sunriseon7 I nominate Shaun Micallef as Cliff Young. #sun7 #

Who’s Next For The ICC After Lorgat

On 30 June 2012 Haroon Lorgat will step down as the International Cricket Council's (ICC) third Chief Executive Officer, having decided not to take up the option of extending his four-year contract. There are many possible directions from which Haroon Lorgat’s successor as ICC CEO could come.