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February 2012

Daily Twitter Posts - 28/02/2012

23:23 It's sad that the only way West Papua can get media attention in Australia is when the Labor Govt splits over it. - #
13:44 2.31 RT @AlboMP: What time do tweeps think the #noalition might try to suspend standing orders for the 42nd time? My Tip 247pm #
13:39 Another New South Welshman: Senator Kevin Sheedy. #auspol #
13:16 "The Minister for Sport and Multivitamins, Senator Ponting, said today..." #auspol #
13:13 Hey Ricky Ponting lives in New South Wales now! #auspol #senate #arbib #
13:09 Any takers for Senator Roozendaal? RT @sspencer_63: Carr says no, Keneally says no. Morris Iemma come on down! #
12:22 Huh? Wests holding #nswcup game at Lidcombe this Saturday. At the same time, Balmain playing at Concord Oval. What gives, @Wests_Tigers? #
10:58 But a Senator @bobjcarr straight to the Foreign Affairs ministry would be a brilliant idea IMO. No one else in caucus can fill Rudd's shoes. #
10:55 Bob Carr into the Senate and straight to Foreign Affairs? The lack of democratic process would hurt Labor for, oh, 5 minutes... #auspol #
10:50 @latikambourke Bob Carr is on record as having no idea that he is even on Twitter, so no point tweeting him for comment #
08:36 Nathan Rees on @breakfastnews? Not auditioning for senator, I trust :p #auspol #arbib #
08:34 Uh huh. RT @darrenrovell: eBay auction for a Chicken McNugget that looks like George Washington is up to $4,100 #