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May 2012

Daily Twitter Posts - 21/05/2012

22:30 Fenerbahce chairman re-elected despite being in jail for match-fixing. RT @playthegame_org: #football #
19:54 Who? RT @Wendy_Bacon: Good to hear Labor senator Doug Crawford tell ABC that trying to do something about cut to sole parents. #
19:01 Ha. RT @sebth: Maradona postpones his Australian tour - again #
18:26 And she is the MP for where again? MT @latikambourke: Kathy Jackson will seek right of reply in Parliament #
16:31 @abc730 Are you covering #Qantas tonight? #
16:28 Tonight on #abc730: "Kathy Jackson Says" #
16:26 The things you learn at #estimates - "ABC tech hacked Grandstand to earn virtual cash" - #
15:21 I think we need an A Current Affair investigation of the Channel 7 Thomson Family Outside The Window Lurking Controversy. #auspol #
14:58 No SSO before Giggle and Hoot! #qt #
14:42 Extremely vague and imprecise. RT @latikambourke: 7's statement here: #Thomson #
14:39 Oh dear. RT @awebstar1: Victorian Sports Minister gooses himself with "State of the Origin" ... #
13:08 And today's #typo #fail winner is: RT @AJEnglish: Be Gees' singer Robert Gibb dies #
12:27 So while Craig Thomson is still speaking #ABC1 news shows a pre-recorded "Christopher Pyne Says" about him. #auspol #
12:09 Good. #ABC1 has returned to reporting real news. #
12:04 Dammit I switch over to Ellen and ch9 is showing Federal Parliament. #hmph #
11:54 Why are we all so fussed about when Craig Thomson will speak considering everyone has decided in advance they won't believe him? #auspol #

Daily Twitter Posts - 20/05/2012

18:18 I can't believe the coin toss in the US to choose councillors is on the 6pm news here. Marrickville choose their mayor that way every year. #
18:10 There's a great opportunity for a quality third party/indie candidate to take #Dobell in 2013. How are the Greens going in Wyong? #auspol #
16:38 Ricky Stuart getting desperate? #soo RT @NRL: Delta Goodrem to perform at Origin I #nrl #
14:56 Call me slow, but I've just discovered the NBA player named World Peace. Trade Descriptions Act anyone? #
14:52 And now it's raining. RT @WeatherAUS: Sydney has recorded its driest start to May in history. Records go back to 1858! #
08:24 Where the Money Went…Premier League Prize and TV payments 2011/2012 - #epl #

Daily Twitter Posts - 19/05/2012

16:56 Is Gina Rinehart doing ads for Gusman y Gomez now? #
16:38 All over! Great win to the Bears 25-24 over the Knights! #vbnswcup #
16:36 Two minutes to go Bears still lead Knights 25-24 #vbnswcup #
16:34 Scrum #
16:32 Field goal! Bears lead 25-24 five mins remaining! #vbnswcup #
16:24 Great team effort to spin it wide for Curtis Johnston over in the corner. Hawkins missed the kick. 24-24 Bears-Knights 13 left #vbnswcup #
16:21 24-24 at the NSO ktc. #vbnswcup #
16:20 Another try to the Bears couldn't ID the scorer sorry. Kick missed. Knights lead 24-20 with 17 mins to go. #vbnswcup #
16:06 We have a Bears comeback. Try to Adrian Ha'angana. The scoreline, as Rex used to say, diminishes. 24-16 Knights lead. #vbnswcup #
16:01 Try to Norths hooker Brendan McKinnon converted by Jack Hawkins, now 10-24 after 44 mins. #vbnswcup #
15:44 Half time Newcastle 24 North Sydney 4. Bit unexpected that. #vbnswcup #
15:42 Great run by Adrian Davis to put Marvin Filipo over for the Knights. 24-4 two mins before half time. #vbnswcup #
15:37 Jack Hawkins gets the Bears on the board. 18-4 after 33 mins. #vbnswcup #
15:36 Bears v Knights at the NSO. #Vbnswcup #
15:20 That last conversion being Josh Mantellato's 50th goal of the #vbnswcup season to date. #
15:19 And now Zane Tetevano scores out wide for Newcastle. Norths having a horror so far. 18-0 after 15 mins. #vbnswcup #
15:15 Knights leading the Bears 12-0 at the NSO after 12. Tries to Kevin Naiqama and Albert Kelly. #vbnswcup #
14:19 North Sydney v Newcastle in the #VBNSWCup here at 3. (@ North Sydney Oval) #
13:33 Seems some recent tweetage by @kellyodwyer about a local store closing down may have been misleading - #auspol #
13:11 Reuters giving its best Onion impersonation. RT @NZStuffSport: 'Psychic' pig to make Euro 2012 predictions #
12:18 Dear Social Media Expert - 10 Reasons Why I Won't be Attending your Masterclass #
11:05 Was Donna Summer a delayed victim of 9/11? RT @RT_com: #
10:44 Sounds like Marrickville. RT @Tzarimas: As you do. “@ReutersUS: Texas town settles council election with coin flip
09:39 Or maybe Stoner could do V8s on Sunday arvos have a quick shower and then Dancing With The Stars #
09:38 Casey Stoner tipped to go to V8s? Sounds like an idea for a ch7 prime-time reality show. #
09:16 Is it still Friday somewhere? A fake heads-of-state #ff @Queen_UK @IrishPresident @SAPrezident #
09:07 Another SMH expose on the Obeid family's property interests - #
08:38 Mother Jones and satire dont sit easily together but hey RT @MotherJones The 44 Most Metrosexual Presidents of All Time #

Daily Twitter Posts - 18/05/2012

21:44 I want to be in Brad Fittler's elocution class. #nrlwstwar #
21:42 I hope someone storifies Anthony Wiggle's epic twittification of #nrlwstwar #
21:39 Not the most elegant game of the year but the Tiges take the proverbial chocolates 24-22. #nrlwstwar #
21:12 #nrlwstwar #lote #liam RT @big_ben_clock: BONG BONG BONG BONG BONG BONG BONG BONG BONG BONG BONG BONG #
21:07 What was that again Lote? #nrlwstwar #
19:59 #nrlwstwar Warriors score the first try and a photographer gets flattened. #
13:52 John Pilger puts the same-sex marriage movement into a perspective that leaves even @greenleftweekly squirming - #

Daily Twitter Posts - 17/05/2012

20:01 Interesting infographic: Who Is Using Which Social Network #
19:48 Good to see that Barnaby Joyce hasn't been in the news at all for absolutely any reason today. #abc730 #
18:31 #auspol #slipper #thomson RT @everyword: prejudged #
18:30 Have more faith. RT @sardesairajdeep: Twitter trends confirm that twitterati want trivia not truth, sensation not sense, smoke not fire. #
18:24 Uh oh. RT @amy_bainbridge: Our #lateline guest tweeter tonight is NSW Govt Whip @PeterPhelpsMLC Join us from 1025pm AEST #
17:48 Why are there more classic Commodore 64 games out on Android? Or indeed any? #
17:15 Well Greg's comeback lasted a long time. I wonder what Sam is thinking. #
07:59 Imagine Bob Hawke and Bob Katter. Together. Call them Two Bob Watch. Shudder. #
07:56 So much for Paul Keating or Bill Kelty getting much air time from last night's session of the ACTU Congress. #ac12 #auspol #hawke #
07:28 Could Bob Hawke be the Tony Bennett of the Australian protest movement? His show-stopper from the ACTU Congress - #
06:55 Long but worth the read. RT @ebertchicago: How Yahoo messed with Flickr and shot itself in the foot. #

Daily Twitter Posts - 16/05/2012

21:29 Referring to whom exactly? #auspol MT @JoeHockey: More debt, cooked books and a no vision. #
21:26 So the PM has taken up Goog le Plus now? #auspol RT @JuliaGillard: Today marks the start TeamJG #
20:40 So Keating is rating Bill Kelty above Bob Hawke then? #ac12 #auspol #
20:33 Keaters. Now. #ac12 #abc24 #
18:48 And if you're not following @mclarke23 you're missing some truly stunning wedding pics! Congratulations skipper. #
17:20 So watch it here instead: RT @mumbrella: GetUp! anti-supermarket pokies ad refused airtime by TV networks #
13:06 Another day, another business, same old song. MT @TonyAbbottMHR: Great to visit PFD Foods, a company that will be impacted by the carbon tax #
11:30 though I do wonder whether a non-government figure doing a media event every day around the same time is really newsworthy. #auspol #
11:29 Oh looky. It's the 11 o'clock edition of Tony Abbott Says on Sky News. #auspol #feedingthechooks #
07:44 The @NBA Is First Sports League to Get 5 Million Twitter Followers - via @mashable #
06:47 Hmmm. RT @Olympics: If I made the @london2012 Team I would compete in ________. #

Daily Twitter Posts - 15/05/2012

15:14 If you only want to subscribe to one list on Twitter, then I've created the list for you - #
10:43 The new darling of the Right? #auspol RT @lyndalcurtis: HR Nicholls Society conference dinner speech will be delivered by Kathy Jackson. #
10:42 Obama the "first gay president"? How easily we forget James Buchanan. RT @Salon: #
10:39 Powerful Haaretz editorial RT @haaretzonline: #Nakba Day is an irreversible part of #Israel's history #
09:58 I wish people who drop 5c coins and think they're not worth picking up would realise that they are, in fact, littering. #
09:55 She's not on one of your record labels, Rupert! RT @rupertmurdoch: My wife told me Rita Wilson has a great album AM/FM out, amazing songs. #
09:49 And look at Kodak today. RT @ashermoses: Kodak had secret nuclear reactor #
07:44 Why do people talk about "hitting" x number of followers on Twitter? That's gratitude for you. #
07:31 Is @Joey7Barton the first sportsperson to use promoted tweets for self-publicity? Please don't tell Warnie about this #

Daily Twitter Posts - 14/05/2012

20:29 @AustralianStory ah yes I see now #
20:16 Jack Brabham and Campbell Newman... a great Australian and, ergh... #
20:06 I find it amazing that @AustralianStory has never featured Jack Brabham until now #
19:36 Hey @abc730 we really really don't need backing music for every story. That's so Today Tonight. #
19:29 @LeagueUnlimited which makes it awfully tempting to use the acronym CSP :) #
19:24 Pedantry alert: tonight's #nrlpensti game is being played either at "Centrebet Stadium" or "in Penrith", not "at Centrebet". #
11:04 "Coming up at 11: Tony Abbott Says, followed by Peter Reith's Right of Reply, then Constitutional Law for Beginners with George Brandis" #
11:01 Never mind bias, Team Abbott is running rings around the government in terms of media manipulation. #auspol #
11:00 Why does @TonyAbbottMHR always give TV-friendly press conferences at 11am? Shouldn't @ABCNews24 just write this into their program listing? #
10:58 Oh the Courier Mail's latest poll asks "Has Julia Gillard been a good PM for Queensland?" 94.08% no #
10:55 (changes bookmark for the Daily Telegraph to point straight to the #NRL section) #
10:54 Looks like I'm one of only 22.43% of Daily Telegraph online poll voters who believe in climate change. #
10:46 #auspol RT @awelder: Blogpost: Dobell and the failure of Coalition strategy #
08:02 Hmm @breakfastnews technically Manchester City has won its first Premier League ever. But I'm with you on the 44 year thing anyway. #
07:58 I love @RandomTEDTalks and I love its avatar even more #
07:52 That moment when you struggle to remember if you log in to a website via Twitter or via Facebook. #
07:08 Reading the English Premier League news. And chuckling. #

Daily Twitter Posts - 13/05/2012

19:29 @Wallywalta regardless, Ticehurst would need to prove that he would definitely have won the election. That's a big and arrogant call #auspol #
19:04 @Wallywalta if Thomson hadn't been preselected another Labor person would be. How can Ticehurst sue for losing a legit election? Stunt. #
19:00 I'm looking forward to the day when a mega sporting event lapses because no suitable applicants want to host it. It will happen. #euro2020 #
18:51 With Turkey the only bidder for Euro 2020, here's video of last night's riot at the Fenerbahce-Galatasaray game. - #
18:14 Time to break out some Booker T and the MGs in memory of Donald "Duck" Dunn who died today. RT @Noise11Tweets: #
18:10 Hmm nice of ch9 news to name the NSW interchange bench for Ricky Stuart. #soo #9newsat6 #
18:09 What next, candidates suing voters because they didn't vote for him? #auspol #dobell #ticehurst #
18:08 The ex Liberal MP for Dobell wants to sue Labor for loss of earnings? The suspension of logic required is making my brain explode. #auspol #
18:00 And I break out of my ch9-induced embargo to say that I wouldnt have picked the Sharkies to end the Storm's run but there you are #nrlcromel #
17:21 Will that NSW 17 beat Queensland? Doubt it. #soo #nrl #
15:18 USA v Tonga rugby league under way in Honolulu. #Ohanacup is your hashtag to follow the scores. Go Tonga! #
15:12 #usavtonga #rugbyleague RT @davidniu7: #ohanacup Anthems. Almost kickoff #
13:21 Just caught the last minutes of the Canberra-Parramatta Toyota Cup game. Does Wentworthville need an U20 side? #nrl #nyccanpar 62-30 #
07:33 Happy Mother's Day! #

Daily Twitter Posts - 12/05/2012

19:30 presenting my brand new Pinterest board of Not Cup Cakes #
16:43 So to recap the afternoon: the Gold Coast Suns have scored 67 points, the Newtown Jets 64. #aflgiantssuns #vbnswcup #
16:16 And in our continuing series on Gold Coast sporting teams in trouble, the Suns lose to the GWS Giants. #
16:11 @Elliott1950 might be another seat for Clive Palmer to chase #
16:08 See, I don't go to Henson Park and the Jets go beserk! Great call @triplehfooty. #vbnswcup #
14:35 Worth watching to see @laurieoakes in action. The @thetodayshow i'v with @DobellThommo Pt1 pt2 #
14:32 Could Mal Brough miss out on pre-selection for Peter Slipper's seat because of a police investigation? #auspol #qldpol #
13:18 Still early days, but I think Pinstagram is off to a great start. Here's a report from Wired - #
13:07 It's taken a third party to do what Instagram has refused to do themselves, ie, build a decent web interface - #
12:48 Kapow. RT @Cubs: Watch David DeJesus crush this grand slam in the 7th: #
12:00 Land and Environment Court orders trees be cut down to preserve resident's harbour view - #
11:09 @evilpandas still there. Go back 16 hours #
11:03 @Swearycat @leethel there's a few other tweets on Mr Afloat's twitter feed that make me think he was speaking to his target audience #
10:59 @evilpandas take a look at @kkeneally's feed over the last hour or so #
10:37 Every day's social media lesson: Don't send abusive tweets. Simple, eh? #
10:36 Today's #socialmedia lesson: Make sure you're not logged into your business account when you send abusive tweets. @cappuccinoafloa #
09:27 #ff @1812DayByDay. Tweeting the War of 1812 but has just covered the assassination of British PM Spencer Perceval precisely 200 yrs ago. #
08:08 Off all the Today Show people to be interviewed by, why did Craig Thomson agree to Laurie Oakes instead of, say, Richard Wilkins? #auspol #
08:00 Dear oh dear oh dear. Did I hear you say Dobell by-election? #auspol #
07:47 Why on earth did Craig Thomson agree to this interview? @thetodayshow #auspol #
07:03 #followfriday Saturday #
06:45 Great work by @awebstar1 in this piece on Arana Taumata's downfall and his road back. RT @gusgould91: #