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June 2012

Daily Twitter Posts - 24/06/2012

20:28 Great ep1 of #sportingnation. Looking forward to the treatment of the Montreal and Moscow Olympics next week #
19:35 ICSS joins United Nations Global Compact to help fight sports corruption #
19:10 And what exactly does a horse do with the keys to the city? #
18:05 Never mention glue and horses together. MT @Irelandcricket: The @cricketaus squad glued to Black Caviar's win #
14:04 I'm at Deep Oceans Exhibition (Sydney) #
11:51 How many Andrew Gs does the ABC have these days? #
08:09 I think I can get through Sunday morning without reliving the triumphs of the galloping #liveanimalexport, thank you. #
01:32 Sigh. I slept through it all and missed out using the #liveanimalexport hashtag as planned. #
01:15 Oh did Australia win a gold medal? #

Daily Twitter Posts - 16/06/2012

19:50 What is this Rugby Onion of which you speak? #
19:00 "We're not looking at a Rolls-Royce type of Games if a Toyota-type will do." CGF President on #goldcoast2018 #
16:47 Full time. Tigers by 12. #aflgiantstigers #
16:42 The Tigers are home now. #aflgiantstigers #
16:33 Target practice, Richmond. #aflgiantstigers #
15:52 Scores. Were. Level. #
15:47 Scores. Are. Level. #aflgiantstigers #
15:36 I am sure that in the game right in front of me I have seen the ball kicked once. GWS you have it all ahead of you. #
15:33 Some of these kiddies on the field at half time seem to think they're playing touch footy as in that other code #
15:22 Richmond really should be a lot further in front than this. 6.7 to 5.1 at half time. #aflgiantstigers #
14:21 Deleted that last tweet and I'll shut up now. Too cold to tweet anyway #
14:11 Game has begun. If Skoda Stadium holds 25k they'd be struggling to have 10,000 today. #aflgiantstigers #
14:09 Oh. Just realised the rugby league player is not out there today. #aflgiantstigers #
14:04 Da Giants. #aflgiantstigers #
14:03 I seem to be surrounded by fanatical Richmond supporters. Is there such a thing as a fanatical GWS fan yet? #
13:58 Waiting for the players. #aflgiantstigers #
13:48 Some partially-clad indigenous gentlemen are delivering the Welcome to Country as the rain eases to a drizzle. #
13:11 Full time in the NEAFL @NTThunderFC 22.7 bt UWS Giants 13.13 in persistent rain. #aflgiantstigers in about an hour #
12:31 Currently 3/4 time in the NEAFL, Northern Territory Thunder 14.4 lead UWS Giants 9.10. GWS v Richmond starts abt 90 mins time #
12:29 And I think it's my first time inside Sydney Showground/Skoda Stadium since seeing Japan beat Australia in baseball at the 2000 Olympics #
12:26 Call it treachery if you will but today I'm at my first AFL game in *cough cough* years. Under cover thank you. #
12:25 Fish burger. Four, yes four, fish fingers with lettuce tomato and mayo for 8 bucks. @ ŠKODA Stadium #
12:14 A nice drizzly day at the AFL @ ŠKODA Stadium #
12:11 I'm at ŠKODA Stadium (Homebush, NSW) #
08:55 Great piece by @robertdillon174 in today's @newcastleherald about the Hunter Sports Group #nrl #knights #aleague #jets #

Daily Twitter Posts - 15/06/2012

20:48 Please follow @westpapuamedia for all the latest news from West Papua. We need to be paying close attention. #
13:27 #ff @reuters A good RebelMouse page from Reuters for breaking world news #
13:23 #ff @mashable You didn't really think Mashable would be lagging with a RebelMouse page did you? #
13:14 #ff @propublica Independent US non-profit investigative news org. #
13:13 For #followfriday this week I'm going to mention through thr day some accounts (mostly news sites) that have set up @RebelMouse pages... #
12:41 #goPNG #london2012 RT @RAPacific: PNG sending biggest team yet to #Olympics - eight athletes to compete in five sports #
12:17 Several complaints all dealt with lamely. RT @lyndalcurtis: ACMA findings on 2GB #

It's amazing it's fantastic wherever there is rebel he'll be there

It's an unusual name but a great concept. RebelMouse launched recently and I have a cricket-specific page at

RebelMouse can, and has, been described as a visual mix along the lines of Storify, Pinterest and all thrown together. Still in beta, but looks very exciting at this stage, so please check out my contribution as, and if, it develops.

That address again:

Daily Twitter Posts - 10/06/2012

22:18 Brilliant. Just brilliant. #Mabo #
20:34 #Mabo. #ABC1. Now. #
19:00 That be heavy rain outside. #
18:20 I'm wearing my glasses now but still manage to read Anti-Infiltration Law as Anti-Flirtation Law #
18:14 Contextless gun pics countered with contextless gun pics. Is that the best the news media have to throw up tonight? #
17:42 Does the world need a male version of PInterest that's not Pinterest? The creators of Dudepins think so - #
08:57 How I managed to get to the train station before remembering I wasn't wearing my glasses is totally beyond me. #
08:21 The new royalty are wealthy overseas gamblers. NSW Govt extends their smoking exemption at a Pyrmont gambling den - #
08:14 Police end their investigation of the Hef. Political weirdness in the Dobell electorate is truly bipartisan. #auspol #
07:54 @thetodayshow D'arcy and Monk brandishing guns is not as offensive as Aussie athletes forced to "wear" the Aus flag as a cape for TV promos #

Daily Twitter Posts - 09/06/2012

19:22 I'm no fan of Nick D'arcy but the AOC are making a strong claim for the Laughingstock Life Achievement Award. #london2012 #
19:01 Typical left-wing bias. RT @everyword: progressives #
17:57 This post-dated rap on the knuckles for Darcy/Monk by the AOC sounds like a half-baked attempt to show they're doing something. #
16:54 Huh? RT @abcgrandstand: Swimmers D'Arcy and Monk to be sent home early from the London Olympics #
15:36 Twitter is no better than MSM at dropping breaking stories when they stop being interesting. Narrative? What's that? #
15:35 Speaking of breaking news, did those people stuck on the monorail over Pitt St yesterday ever get freed? #
15:02 @NSWRL as were the Bluebags :) #
14:48 Having died in 1896 :) RT @NSWRL: The great Sir Henry Parkes! Rumour has it that he was a big Bluebags fans #VBNSWCup #
14:28 Oh yes! RT @curious_scribe: RT @pipfreebairn: Vivid festival month = opposite of earth hour #
12:25 Casual warehouse staff forced to wear barcodes? Why not tattoo a QR code on them? - #
12:24 Schadenfreude update. #auspol RT @TurnbullMalcolm: Rats put bite on NBN roll-out | Toowoomba Chronicle #
12:00 Brief AAP report on this morning's shop fire in #Petersham - Various sources on Twitter say it was Frangos. #
11:01 Sad news if Frangos AKA #Petersham Charcoal Chicken is the shop burnt down as tweets suggest. Sad for all businesses affected. #
10:48 New not Old RT @menezestweet: 20 people evacuated during shop fire in Petersham. Old Canterbury Road closed in both directions #
10:41 Fire in New Canterbury Rd restaurant precinct RT @FPTom: Something ungood happening in Petersham. #
09:43 Official team strips of nine #euro2012 teams contain "worrying" levels of chemicals - #

Daily Twitter Posts - 08/06/2012

21:39 Wey hey! SOO week or not, that's a huge win to the Tiges. #nrlmelwst #
16:15 That'll take up, what, 30 seconds? MT @vanOnselenP: #Contrarians With a new segment: Say something nice about the Gillard government #
15:57 So how does this "non-travelling reserve" thingy work (and does it pay the same as a travelling reserve) #london2012 #
15:25 @DowntownNewtown I disagree, I think it has already caught on, and that only its ugly design will send it to an early obsolesence #
15:21 @DowntownNewtown no different to grabbing any other app that's used often #
15:21 There's been quite a bit of shark-jumping in #HSU-related matters this week, hasn't there? #auspol #
15:17 @DowntownNewtown it's not a native app to any smartphone format, easily obtainable though. Has much merit but prob not for long #
15:07 @DowntownNewtown got them now. There's plenty of good uses for QR codes. Plenty of crap ones too. #
14:42 @DowntownNewtown can't reach either url.. #
14:38 Mmm not so sure about that. RT @DowntownNewtown: Hey, businesses, nobody uses QR codes. #
12:38 Apropos of nothing, a delightful 2011 interview with Gershon Kingsley, composer of the 1972 hit "Popcorn" - #
11:28 Not the former NSW Premier. RT @NYTObits: Barry Unsworth, Historical Novelist, Dies at 81 #
10:14 With the "lingerie football" in town it's worth noting that there's genuine women's footy at St Mary's tomorrow - #

Daily Twitter Posts - 07/06/2012

22:12 Meanwhile, in news on live animal exports - #
21:54 let's face it, I'd have no interest in taekwondo if it wasn't for the acronym of the world governing body #
21:53 WTF intervenes in British Olympic selection - #london2012 #
21:45 @KJBar Just as long as we don't get a Facebook photo of Michael Diamond and Russell Mark looking menacing in Speedos. #london2012 #shooting #
21:10 Opposition emerges as Glaswegians are asked to attend "charm school" ahead of 2014 Commonwealth Games #
17:11 Nick D'arcy does cross-promotion for the Australian shooting team - #london2012 #
07:08 I, for one, welcome our FIFA overlords. RT @iSportconnect: Brazil President Signs Off on Allowing Alcohol for World Cup #

Daily Twitter Posts - 31/05/2012

20:43 Check out the menus (and prices) for the food available to spectators at #London2012 - #
18:01 Satire is dead on Broadway. #auspol RT @tanya_plibersek: Have instituted formal satire ban in office. #
17:19 Excellent, challenging take on the Fairfax situation by @beneltham for @newmatilda - #
17:09 @BradWalterSMH what time does #fairfaxstrike end? #
17:07 @judyvw2 my point precisely. #
16:57 Tony Abbott finds something offensive? #irony #
07:51 btw, I'm not linking to anything on Fairfax sites (SMH, Age, Stuff, AFR, NH etc) for the duration of their staff stoppage. @savenewcherald #
07:29 Claims of match-fixing by Japanese beach volleyball team in Olympic qualifier dismissed #london2012 #
06:23 Brave Sir Tony ran away; He bravely, bravely, ran away... #