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August 2012

Daily Twitter Posts - 30/08/2012

22:29 Lance Armstrong set to keep his Sydney 2000 bronze medal due to IOC statute of limitations - #
21:54 @Jono unfortunately that's part of the problem #
21:47 but what's this on #SBS1 now? The Only School Is Essex? #
21:45 The challenge we face as Australians is to change prevailing attitudes to asylum seekers. It's not going to be easy. Thank you #GoBackSBS. #
21:37 Again. Thank you Cordell Jigsaw and SBS. #GoBackSBS #
20:45 Michael Smith has no idea. Or at least I hope that's his excuse. #gobackSBS #
20:32 it's #GoBackSBS time again #
20:01 @Colvinius I want to see the original cow photo now to see why it has that look on its face #
19:56 and sucked in like thousands of others by a photoshop hoax. Here's the original - #
18:44 Just realised that I mistook Prince Edward for Prince Philip this morning. #epicfail #
18:25 #paralympics RT @legsidelizzy: Good work newspapers. Good work #
18:15 Watching the replay of the #Paralympics #openingceremony. Nothing can ever beat having Stephen Hawking as narrator. #
17:38 Excellent piece by @penbo in the wake of Charlotte Dawson's hospitalisation following cyberabuse - #
16:53 Which link would that be? RT @HumanHeadline: Click on this link and it will take you to the only official Hinch Facebook site. #
16:52 Incredible amount of talent and experience lost from the Sydney Morning Herald this week #
08:16 Holst! About the only British music that was missing from the Olympic opening. #openingceremony #paralympics #
08:15 It would have been fun to see Prince Philip deliver the sign language opening message instead of the chap on the Queen's right. #paralympics #
07:46 Zambia. oh yes! #openingceremony #paralympics #
07:43 though the Uruguayan top hat is pretty cool too. #openingceremony #paralympics #
07:42 I don't care what anyone says, I love the American berets. #openingceremony #paralympics #
07:36 back from the shower and I see they're still only up to Turkey. This is huge. #openingceremony #
07:18 Glenelg is on Mars. [insert South Australian joke here] #
07:08 Have they replaced La Liga with a Barcelona - Real Madrid game every week? #

Daily Twitter Posts - 29/08/2012

21:02 and while the commercial break is on, Andrew Strauss has retired from all cricket #
20:30 Oh dear. #ntpol RT @mfarnsworth: At least Gough let Lance have half the jobs: #
20:02 and with Clarkson guesting on QI it must be time to switch to SBS half an hour earlier than planned #
20:01 the QI theme really isn't one of Howard Goodall's tours de force, is it? #
17:05 @newcastleherald excellent, thanks. #
16:19 Omar Slaimankhel heading to Japanese rugby after NZ Warriors decline to renew his contract - #
15:00 City of Sydney. MT @InnerWestNews: A NUDE local council candidate fronted a forum on CSG mining minus his clothes. #
12:42 Looks great! When's the Android app coming out? RT @newcastleherald: Our new website is up and running at #
12:24 Drill baby drill. RT @andrewjhansen: Odd way for Gillard to make herself more popular, by offering to send everyone to the dentist. #
11:15 Yadier Molina Held Onto This Ball Like "A Man," According To Soon-To-Be-Ex-MLB Employee - @Deadspin #
11:00 I really hope Swanny ends his pretence of a 2012-13 surplus now. #auspol #
10:56 @Sue_Dunlevy current exchange rate: 1.25 Greenbacks to the dollar #
10:35 Theological controversy alert: I am about to click on a "submit" button. #
10:00 One of these days I will update all the links in my blog for John Howard interview transcripts to the Pandora archive. It will be a big task #
07:30 Twitter shuts not so much a door as a window on its partners, and stops showing which client you are tweeting from - #

Daily Twitter Posts - 28/08/2012

21:40 I hope no one's switched off SBS just yet... this @DatelineSBS program from Sri Lanka is just as important. #gobackSBS #
21:07 oops spoke too soon. #gobackSBS #
21:06 oh. SBS is showing it without ads this year? #gobackSBS #
20:53 and Angry, which part of "legal" don't *you* understand? #gobackSBS #
20:35 against my better judgment I will start watching Celebrity Go Back To Where You Came From. #gobackSBS #
20:26 from the Wiggles, I am dedicating this to Graham Morris - #
20:00 Umm I switch on #abc730 late and they're doing a tattoo story? #aca #tt #
19:50 #london2012 RT @CofE_Worship: The Church of England publishes a prayer for the Paralympic Games: #
17:10 A "regrettable accident". RT @haaretzonline: #Israeli court rules #US activist #RachelCorrie was not killed unlawfully #
14:17 Paralympics 2012: disabled athletes bending rules in quest for gold medals via @Telegraph #london2012 #
13:18 Must say I've never seen a #haka performed away from a sports field before. This is quite moving - via @NZDefenceForce #
13:03 Washington Post tells me that Mittens has more Twitter mentions over the past week than Obama. But do they count references to "Mittens"? #
12:25 EntCent or Allphones Arena and when do tickets go on sale RT @SBSNews: Sydney to host G20 finance ministers #
09:14 "ABC News 24 will be tracking the course of Tropical Cyclone Isaac". Will it do a worldwide weather watch of all sub-hurricane level storms? #
08:53 Ducks holding up peak hour traffic on the M2. You know what the Shooters Party would do. #nswpol #heygladys #
08:41 Fraser was PM during my early years in the workforce. Yes, I remember. #
08:40 I am so looking forward to Malcolm Fraser tweeting about Industrial Relations policy..... #
08:37 Where's your hat? RT @AlboMP: With local MP Bob Katter at Cloncurry #nationbuilding #
08:36 That must be the new cartwheeling uniform. RT @liamvhogan When did school kids start having to wear fluoro jackets to walk to school #
08:29 Kathy Jackson doesn't speak out enough. She should get her own radio show. I hear there's a timeslot free in Melbourne. #auspol #
08:19 meanwhile the national broadcaster is giving Kathy Jackson oxygen on live television #
08:17 the Golden Era of the Howard Government began on November 24, 2007 #

Daily Twitter Posts - 27/08/2012

22:38 Vin Scully has been calling Dodgers games since 1950. He'll be back next year for his 64th season behind the mike - #
22:01 Sana'a, the capital city of Yemen, is running out of water - #
21:39 oh that sad. People sitting in the cold in Federation Square fiddling with their mobiles. #qanda #
19:08 Vizard impersonating Hinch on Fast Forward. Let's do it again. #
15:18 Obscure pop culture icon alert. RT @NYTObits: Tubesteak Tracy, Surfer Featured in ‘Gidget,’ Dies #
14:41 Pizza delivery Segways banned from Auckland footpaths #
14:24 not to mention 368 unread email messages I didn't know existed #
14:22 good lord. Just discovered a gmail account that I have by virtue of being an open university student. And have had for 3 yrs apparently #
13:47 According to the polls, more Australians support Nauruan offshore processing than support same-sex marriage. Play with numbers at your peril #
12:59 Oh dear. Status Quo are touring Australia in 2013. "Proudly presented by Coles". #
12:44 somewhere, in a box, I have Andrew Caro's memoir of his WSC years, "With A Straight Bat". #howzat #
12:08 what's with TAbbott wearing his reading glasses in public? Is this to prove that he reads documents? #auspol #
09:41's curation of coverage of the passing of Neil Armstrong - via @SmithsonianMag #
09:38 I like it. RT @latikambourke: Are we all good with LOTO for Leader of the opposition? Saves so many characters v Opposition Leader. #
08:02 Infographic Alert: The rise and fall of Roman numerals in the box office top X... er, ten - #

Daily Twitter Posts - 26/08/2012

22:39 #howzat was a really good drama. Well scripted and acted. The dramatic license with facts and events can be totally forgiven. #
22:27 @angelofwrath63 well there was also a tragedy at Hillsborough that changed crowd control at sporting events forever. #howzat #
22:22 There's no way that Packer or anyone would get away with opening the gates like that these days. #howzat #
22:18 pity that the SCG floodlights don't actually light up as fast as that. #howzat #
22:15 Sam Kekovich in the Macca's ad during the break looks and sounds scarily like KFBP in #howzat #
22:05 "and you're up against the best you know / this is Supertest you know" Ah yes they don't write couplets like that any more. #howzat #
22:03 The birth of "Cmon Aussie Cmon" is being drowned out by stock dramatic music. #irony #howzat #
21:39 and the actor playing Andy Roberts has modeled his bowling action off Michael Holding. #howzat #nitpickingnow #
21:37 I'm sorry, but that is not Dennis Lillee's bowling action. Nothing like it. #howzat #
21:30 the Richie Benaud commentary is too verbose for Richie and sounds too much like Alan Jones. #howzat #
21:28 Dennis Lillee's bowling action in #howzat is a pale shadow of the real thing. And Tony Greig's run-up lacks the exaggerated bounce. #
21:26 The biggest suspense for me about episode 2 of #Howzat is whether we actually get to see Braddles or not #
21:06 except they mucked up the "Nutra Grain's a great start if you have to eat and run" line. Not South African enough. #howzat #
21:05 wohoo! they're re-enacted the Nutra Grain ad! #howzat #
21:04 "what do you mean 'If it doesn't rain'? This is Melbourne!" #howzat #
20:59 Gary Sweet in the Househusbands ads. He should be on screen playing Braddles in #howzat. #
20:57 "What is this, cricket or TV?" What a silly question. #howzat #
20:41 waiting patiently for #howzat ep2 to start reminds me that I don't think I've watched a full hour of #60minutes since Paul Lyneham was alive #
19:41 Farewell Neil Armstrong, the Ultimate Test Pilot | Wired Science | #
16:51 South Korean court ends law requiring real names online - #
14:21 Guest speaker Bob Carter MT @newcastleherald: Rally over Lake's sea level rise policy: #
13:09 Borsellino's in #Petersham is closing temporarily for renovations. (Not permanently as I implied the other day.) #innerwest #
08:23 NBC News Mistakenly Reports the Death of 'Astronaut Neil Young' - National - The Atlantic Wire #
07:20 Goodbye, Mr Armstrong, and thank you. #

Daily Twitter Posts - 25/08/2012

22:19 from @JeffJarvis defending the posting of graphic images of the Empire State Building shooting - via @HuffPostMedia #
22:16 Carlton ha ha ha ha. #
22:13 so @Ron_Hoenig has a Twitter feed but not a mobile phone. Or should I say, his blogger page's RSS feed is on Twitter. #heffron #nswpol #
21:02 all this talk I am hearing of swings in #Heffron is meaningless when there is no Liberal candidate #
20:40 Q1: Why does Australia's Funniest Home Videos have a live magic act? Q2: Where's my remote? #
20:16 if Robbo takes himself seriously then I wonder what he was expecting to happen in #Heffron. A CDP win? #
20:13 Eh? RT @KevinWilde John Robertson on #Heffron win "is beyond what any of us could have hoped for so soon after the devastating election loss #
19:28 the best thing that can be said about the #Bledisloe debacle is that The Traitor didn't score a try in either game he played #
19:18 the full time whistle blows and let's not hear Clarkie finish his sentence cause we need to cross to a 60 Minutes promo straight away #
19:13 The controversy that hasn't gone away yet: the IOC Athletics Commission #Lollipopgate - #
19:05 Robbie Deans, Robbie Deans, you know what it means, Robbie Deans... #bledisloe #nzlvaus #
19:03 @benraue how is it possible to calculate swings when the Liberals aren't fielding a candidate? #heffron #
18:37 Try to Fred Dagg's little boy. Sonny Bill can hop on the plane to Japan now, the #Bledisloe is won. #nzlvaus #
17:57 Samsung has to pay Apple the same amount Ch9 and Fox Sports have to pay the NRL. Coincidence? I think not. #
17:40 @ConorTee John Fahey rulz. #
13:04 Considering that the USADA doesn't actually administer the Tour de France, how... or am I about to ask a silly question? #
10:10 Lance Armstrong and Gary Kasparov: Explaining heroes to your child via @CSMonitor #
09:45 Arctic sea ice levels to reach record low within days via @guardian #
09:33 Oops. The plans to arrest Assange were all written on the clipboard the Met Police officer was carrying - #
09:30 I wonder how the experience in the Samsung Experience Store is going this morning. #
09:20 Righteo then. Laurie Oakes' latest column is paywalled on the Herald Sun website but available in full on Adelaide Now #

Daily Twitter Posts - 24/08/2012

21:58 what is that silly sound effect ch9 plays every time a try is scored? #nrl #nrlcancby #delay #
21:48 I don't know about you, but I quite the like that elderly Spanish lady's restoration of Jesus as an owl - #
21:04 more on the tragic death of former Balmain winger Gary Mara in Los Angeles on Tuesday - #nrl #
20:45 The evaluation process has begun for the seven sports bidding for inclusion in the 2020 Olympics - #
17:21 Jayant. I was thinking of an Indian cricket administrator there. #
17:20 Top 4 stories on SMH Mobile, in order: Lance Armstrong; Jaywant Patel; Facebook's new iPhone app; Nathan Tinkler. Which are the odd 3 out? #
14:59 #RacismStopsWithMe is a major campaign launched by the Australian Human Rights Commission today. See for more info. #
14:07 watching Tony Abbott's interview with Lisa Wilkinson from this morning. My one word summary: Ouch. #
13:31 so much sporting history rewritten: Lance Armstrong's TDFs, Penn State's college football wins, Melbourne Storm's NRL titles #
12:25 and that probably finishes my quota of cycling tweets for 2012 #
12:23 Travis Tygart - that sounds like the name you'd expect of a villain who ties damsels in distress to a train track #
12:19 Lance Armstrong in his own words: #
12:15 Lance Armstrong gives up the fight against USADA allegations though still claiming his innocence - #
11:33 Twitter slams the door on another partner. This time it's Tumblr. RT @PBSMediaShift: #
11:28 Why is the #aleague pre-season so long? #
10:44 @ConversationEDU not a problem :) #
10:33 It must be that time of year for cultural awareness training at the @conversationedu sports desk. #rugby #rugbyunion #rugbyleague #
10:29 Ahem. Rugby and rugby league ars not the same thing MT @ConversationEDU How do #rugby fans miss out in their league's new broadcasting deal? #
10:24 Someone I don't think The Traitor even begins to understand the concept of Loyalty... #nrl #sbw #
10:03 So in the terminology of @131500trains, the loss of human life is reduced to the made-up noun "fatal". "Due to a fatal at..." #
06:43 School's Harry Potter ban outrages parent who doesn't have kids at school - #

Daily Twitter Posts - 23/08/2012

21:18 Glasgow Commonwealth Games triathlon venue in jeopardy following algae outbreak in artificial loch. #glasgow2014 #
21:14 Jordanian Paralympians pull out of London Games after sexual assault charges in Northern Ireland via @Telegraph #
21:06 Why did seven Camerounian athletes seek asylum in the UK during the London Olympics? #london2012 #
20:58 The ABC among websites blocked by the Indian Government: RT @BabaUmarr: List of blocked #websites: #
20:39 Al Jazeera picks up the West Sydney Wanderers story. #aleague RT @AJELive: Fans banned as Sydney-siders clash #
16:55 Thunder. Lightning. Wind. Rain. #
16:53 Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry. #
12:40 Right, what happened to global cooling? #
11:36 Double decker buses are coming back? I trust they'll be hiring conductors then. #nswpol #
11:07 A succinct statement from Australia's newspaper of record: #
10:18 @Sikamikanico fair point. Not sure if that was ever considered by anyone #
09:54 From October 2009, my blog post about the Peter Norman/Tommie Smith/John Carlos mural at Macdonaldtown - #
09:12 Mankind got by for hundreds of thousands of years without the need to stand backwards on escalators taking photos. #
08:39 It's a noise barrier for residents. RT @Sikamikanico: Remember Peter Norman and 3 Proud Men - #cityrail remove the barrier to the mural. #
08:38 @fairerfields Always hated the phrase. Sounds like lazy journalism regardless of the context #
08:04 Does the world really need iTunes playlists curated by celebrity footballers? A Sony sponsorship can't be far away. - #
08:01 I hate it when the media uses the phrase "blame game". It sounds like a headline in search of a story. #auspol @breakfastnews #
07:27 Strip Pot Black starring Prince Harry hosted by David Icke. There should be enough in that sentence to evoke a complete day's horror #
07:21 Prince Harry: time to strip this royal rascal of his title | Emma G Keller via @guardian #
07:17 "for those of you watching in black and white, the pink ball is behind the..." No. Stop. Stop! #princeharry #stripsnooker #

Daily Twitter Posts - 22/08/2012

22:10 Somali Olympian drowns trying to reach Europe by boat - Africa - World - The Independent via @Independent #
21:26 Infographic Alert: English Premier League clubs have more social network fans than the NFL - #
21:12 there's now a transcript of that Abbott/Sales interview in case you're thinking of doing your own dramatic re-enactment #
21:12 how on Earth did Team Abbott let him on #abc730 on a night that Uhlmann was away? #
20:53 Tony Abbott and Leigh Sales had a little chat on the ABC tonight. Here's the video: #
20:08 well. Tonight's moral for all #NRL players is: never ever take the early plea. #judiciarylotto #
20:03 darn. Just got in as the TAbbott interview was finishing. Worth catching by the sounds of it. #abc730 #
20:01 @anandvasu Most social media is still an imprecise science. It's like stats - they need to have quality and you need to know how to use them #
19:44 @anandvasu I wouldn't take Klout too seriously. Worth the fun of tracking celebrity Klout scores and that's about it. #
16:55 So what's the consensus hashtag for the Sept 8 NSW council elections? #nswcouncilelections is too long. @NSWelections is using #nswce. #
14:17 Nike, Pepsi, Burger King, Google topped a poll of consumers favourite Olympic brands. Except they're not Olympic brands #
13:51 NSW Govt withdraws funding for the Sydney Triathlon. Apparently it causes "traffic chaos". #nswpol #
13:40 Strip billiards? Is that any Olympic sport yet? Goodness knows we need more royals in the British Olympic team. #
13:14 @Swearycat @newtownrlfc the new rights deal is a minimum requirement that could see less NSWCup. NSWRL TV rights should be separate from NRL #
13:08 I'm sceptical. RT @newtownrlfc: VB NSW CUP matches set be shown LIVE on Fox Sports as part of the new broadcast deal: #
09:16 RT @TheGlobalMail Can twitter tell if you're a psychopath by the links you click on? #data #mining #
08:43 That be @GrogsGamut on @BreakfastNews as we speak #
08:32 Reports of late night coffee and pizza negotiation sessions only make me dislike the NRL TV rights deal even more - #