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Methinks the commish doth tweet too much

Submitted by rickeyre on February 24, 2010 - 10:47pm

There is much I dislike about IPL Commissioner Lalit Kumar Modi, but one cannot doubt his eagerness to connect with his public via his chosen medium of Twitter. I personally appreciate the fact that he took the time to engage in conversation with me on Twitter last October over an op-ed piece of his that was published in the Times of India.

He has been up front in breaking news about this year's third Indian Premier League. Sometimes, however, he can be too eager. One particular (subsequently deleted) tweet in January attracted the ire of Chris Cairns and his lawyers and is currently the subject of further action.

Modi has made frequent visits to the twitterverse in recent weeks to deny reports of franchise sales and other financial dramas, but over the past hour or so we've witnessed a remarkable tirade in response to claims that players might withdraw from IPL3 because of security concerns, or that the IPL may again be relocated.

Here's a transcript, sourced from the @LalitKModi Twitter feed. I have not included messages which are replies to other twitterati:

Security - seems to be the new mantra of Players association to arm twist us of sitting on the table withg us. We inform all boards.

The government has already given ample assurances for safe conduct of games. We are working with all agencies in this direction.

Dlf ipl will be played in india. World cup hockey is on as we speak and so is south africa tour. All are satisfied with the arrangements.

If a few players play into the hands of the fica and not show up - no issues.

We will allow replacement for those who decide not to show up. They risk being in future IPL. The call will be there's.

We will not be dictated by players associations where to play. DLF IPL will be played in India.

I have been sent messages thru various quarters to entertain Fica Preisdent Tim May. Unfortunately we do not recognise Fica or any agents.

Been told Ricky Ponting pressuring players not to come. Maybe its due to the fact he was dropped from KKR.

Chances Champions League will be in India - will teams say they will not come ??? Doubt it.

Australia tour to india in oct - will australian players association dictate them not coming then ? Doubt it.

South african players - touring india as we speak - securtity is fine for them now as provided by the Governement. All happy now.

How will that situation change in two weeks - so what's the motivation about these issues being raised now is the question one needs to ask.

Aussies arrived at the end of the tournament in 1st and 2nd season. This year too they are due to arrive in last two weeks.

We allow only 4 intl players per team. Few miss - no issues. We have great talent in each team. More oppertunity for replacement to others.

We have 98 players on the waiting list eager to get called in for replacement. So they have hope now if some drop out.

DLF IPL is for India and will remain for India. No one can dictate to us how we should conduct our tournaments and on there terms.

IPL is for our Fans in india and globally people who love the game of cricket. We have set new standards and are proud of it.

Lots to note there, but for now, let me just repeat that statement that "Unfortunately we do not recognise Fica or any agents."

Could be very unfortunate. Methinks the commish doth tweet too much.