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My voting in the 2010 federal election

I voted yesterday at the pre-polling booth in Ashfield. Which leaves a strange feeling of personal anti-climax this morning. Nonetheless, It's Time to Turn On The Lights, Move Forward and See It Through with my traditional "How I Voted" blog entry. (See previous posts from the 2004 and 2007 federal elections.)

For the House of Representatives seat of Grayndler, I voted thus:

5 James Cogan (Socialist Equality Party)
4 Pip Hinman (Socialist Alliance)
6 Alex Dore (Liberal Party)
2 Anthony Albanese (Labor Party)
1 Sam Byrne (Greens)
3 Perry Garofani (Australian Democrats)

For the Senate, New South Wales, I voted below the line and in fact I have not kept an accurate record of my complete vote. My priorities were to specify my first six choices, there being six vacancies in the Senate; to place Labor ahead of Liberal in the general flow of preferences; and to those parties for whom I had serious objections towards the bottom.

1 Lee Rhiannon (Greens)
2 Brami Jegatheeswaran (Greens)
3 John Faulkner (Labor)
4 Bill Heffernan (Liberal)
5 Michael Eckford (independent)
6 Cheryl Kernot (independent)

7-10 the remainder of the Greens ticket
11-12 Australian Democrats
followed by a donkey vote of minor parties for whom I had no serious concerns (beginning with the Socialist Alliance in the first column)
followed by the "ungrouped" candidates in the last column
followed by the remainder of the Labor ticket
followed by the remainder of the Liberal-National ticket
followed by a donkey vote of the parties for whom I had various ideological concerns (including Citizens Electoral Council, Climate Sceptics, Secular Party, Shooters and Fishers, Australian Sex Party, David Barker's group, Socialist Equality Party, Family First, Christian Democratic Party, One Nation) concluding with
82-84 Liberal Democratic Party.