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699 and other baseball numbers

Barry Bonds hit career homerun number 699 on Sunday as the Giants beat the Diamondbacks 5-2 in Phoenix. He's now 15 behind George Herman Ruth and 56 behind Henry Aaron. For those who care, it was also his 100th home run scored in the month of September. Another centennial in the game: Arizona's 100th loss of this season.

More importantly though, the Bonds homer nudged San Francisco (79-65) to the front of the National League wildcard race. The Cubs are 76-64 after splitting their four-game home series against the Marlins, culminating on Sunday with an 11-1 defeat.

Also hovering around in the wildcard zone are the Houston Astros (78-66).

The 22nd AAA (under-19) World Championships wrapped up in Taiwan on Sunday, after Saturday's semi-finals were washed out. Cuba beat Japan 4-0 in the championship game, with South Korea beating the United States 5-0 in the bronze medal playoff.

More on the AAA's tomorrow.

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