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Great moments in secure document disposal

You can just imagine the joy in the hearts of the average (non Mets-following) New Yorker at their beloved Yankees' victory in the World Series for only the twenty-seventh time in their history. But when it came time for the street parade, there was a dilemma for your average GFC-disabled reveller. In the era of live stock prices online and on live television, what to do for ticker tape?

No problem. Just throw paper out the window. Shredded? Nah, waste of time. Just throw paper. Any paper. Waste paper, personal documents, sensitive commercial papers, anything.

It's deja vu all over again once more revisited

Item One - Newtown 8 Wentworthville 12. After a record 24 minutes of sudden-death extra-time and nineteen missed attempts at golden point field goals by both sides, the Maggies ended it with a try. For the second time in three years, the Bluebags have lost the NSWRL Cup GF in extra time after falling for a kick-a-field-goal-from-anywhere-on-the-ground strategy. Credit where it's due - Wenty dominated the second half and the bulk of the extra time.

It's Honkbal Heaven (for some)

It's my favourite team sport at the Olympics and it's being tossed out for 2012. The baseball (or as they call it in the Netherlands, honkbal) competition began on Wednesday. Australia failed to qualify for the tournament, as therefore there is next to zero chance of any coverage on Channel Seven. Even SBS gives us some vague promises of no more than an hour's coverage on each of Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd, semis and finals days respectively.


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