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First leg of a Boston double-header?

There wouldn't be too many people still around who can remember the Red Sox last World Series win back in 1918. Even that great Bostonian, JFK the First, would have been less than 18 months old when they did it. The question now is whether Boston can make it a double: the Red Sox today, and the junior senator from Massachussetts (JFK the Second) in the presidential election on Tuesday?

A great, and concise, comment on the Red Sox win at

Residents of Hell take up ice skating

You may already know that the Boston Red Sox just won the World Series, a 4 game sweep against the St. Louis Cardinals.

I’d voice my congratulations, but nobody in Boston can hear anything over the celebratory rioting.

More reaction to be added to this post as I come to it. Keep your eye on the Fire Brand of the American League, the Most Valuable Network's Red Sox blog site.

Jeff Gordon (not the Nascar driver) of the St Louis Post-Dispatch has filed his report on Game Four.'s baseball section has Podcasts, but not for Game Four yet. He does, however, point out that the Curse of Bambino came to an end with the first World Series game to be played during a total lunar eclipse.