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Eleven years of good government: Part I

Australia criticised over Solomons role

Solomon Islands PM Manasseh Sogavare has criticised the Australian-led RAMSI (Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands), accusing the mission of representing too much of Canberra's interests and of failing to focus on its mandate to restore law and order in the South Pacific nation. More from Associated Press in Tuesday's Sydney Morning Herald.

Water fund drained by election spree

Increases in spending from the Government's $1.6 billion Water Smart Australia Program - set aside to cover large-scale water infrastructure projects - has drained it nearly dry, despite it being meant to last until 2010. More than $1 billion has been spent so far this year, with Sydney Morning Herald analysis finding a quarter of funds have been directed toward marginal or crucial "must-hold" seats. More in Tuesday's Sydney Morning Herald.

More as the election approaches.