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The Australian navy did WHAT in 1927???

Was this another of those dark moments in history that they don't want you to know about? I could hardly believe it when I read the following news item in my daily email from Radio Australia:

"Concern over re-opening compensation case for 1927 Solomons massacre

Eleven years of good government: Part I

Australia criticised over Solomons role

Solomon Islands PM Manasseh Sogavare has criticised the Australian-led RAMSI (Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands), accusing the mission of representing too much of Canberra's interests and of failing to focus on its mandate to restore law and order in the South Pacific nation. More from Associated Press in Tuesday's Sydney Morning Herald.

New South Wales tsunami alert

It must be the first time in these more tsunami-conscious times that the Bureau of Meteorology has issued a tsunami alert for the NSW coast.

An 8.1 earthquake off the Solomons at around 6.40 this morning is known to have caused 15cm waves in the outlying Solomon Islands.

It seems low risk at this time, but links for more information are here:

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