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Piracy update

What is the nationality deleted from the following quote?

"We're used to facing [______] attacks in the sea, but we've never seen anything like what happened today. Usually, the [______] soldiers surround us with a large ship and a smaller gunboat. They shoot at and around our boat with automatic rifles, and they water cannon the boat. When they arrest us, they make us strip down to our underwear, jump into the water, and swim to their ship where we are then hauled up, handcuffed, and taken away to an [______] interrogation center and even arrest. Today was very different. It's the first time they've actually boarded our boats"

Somali? No... the correct answer is "Israeli". It was another day at the office for the Israeli navy on Tuesday as they accosted fishing boats from the Gaza Strip.

The Electronic Intifada takes up the story.