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Pirates of Somalia

Far more serious than the caviar pirates of the Caspian are the outlaws that have been operating off the coast of Somalia for a number of years. The situation is now so serious that the passage of humanitarian aid to thousands of Somalians is in jeopardy.

This from the World Food Programme:

21 May 2007 - WFP today appealed for high-level international action to stamp out piracy in waters off Somalia, warning that the flow of relief supplies to the country was under severe threat.

Youtube do dia: Pirates of the Caspian

As I just discovered this morning, Al Jazeera has been putting news clips from its English channel onto Youtube for about two months now.

Maritime pirates have been romanticised over the years, whether it's Errol Flynn as Captain Blood, Johnny Depp as Keith Richards, or Captain Feathersword as The Fifth Wiggle. But the fact is that piracy happens on the high seas even today and it's a pretty nasty business.

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