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Twitted assistor, Part Five: We're not gonna take it any more

Submitted by rickeyre on February 2, 2010 - 1:01pm

For a variety of reasons I didn't do a normal cricket blog after Boxing Day 2009. I continued to pass comment on Twitter over the past month, however, and over the past few days I have been summarising, with annotations, my cricket-related tweets between December 27 and the present. Some tweets have been omitted for reasons of clarity or sanity, none have been internally edited.

The final instalment takes me up to January 30. Earlier instalments of this catch-up blog: Parts One, Two, Three, and Four.

January 22, 2010:

John Howard for ICC chairman? Not absurd, just wrong. But why all the stories about him being sought for major sporting posts? #cricket 7:33 AM Jan 22nd

@comms_consult Maybe he could gain some experience first as, say, treasurer of the Kolkata Knight Riders. #cricket 7:44 AM Jan 22nd

on the subject of John Howard, did they ever replace Arthur Tunstall at the Commonwealth Games Federation? 7:58 AM Jan 22nd

Rumours that John Howard was set to be nominated by Cricket Australia as a future president of the ICC (that's International Cricket Council, not International Criminal Court"). This came about two months after his name was briefly suggested as the chairman of a new independent commission to replace the National Rugby League. All of which begs the question - who is approaching whom?

#cricket Big lower case-t test today: ODI 1 Pakistan batting first v Aus. Will anyone care? 2:20 PM Jan 22nd

#cricket Carn the Dark Greens! #australia #pakistan 2:31 PM Jan 22nd

#cricket What's the fuss about Australia and Pakistan wearing the same colours? In Test matches they both wear white! 2:39 PM Jan 22nd

Australia and Pakistan wore almost identical dark green strips in the Commonwealth Bank Series ODIs. No one complains when they (and every other team in the world) wear identical all-white strips in Test matches, yet people make a fuss. Is it compulsory for television commentators to speak nonsense when they have nothing to say (oh yeah, that's the job description, isn't it?)

Nope. RT @IPL IPL cricketers to take part in Fear Factor on @colorstv !!! updates are getting more and more exciting aren't they? :) 6:35 PM Jan 22nd

Today's "exciting announcements" from the @IPL could best be summarised as self-indulgence run amuck. Anyone for #cricket? 6:40 PM Jan 22nd

I'll give the @IPL credit for the #3D screening of the final and 3rd place game in selected cinemas. #cricket 7:12 PM Jan 22nd

but imagine, if you will, an after-game fashion parade at the Gabba following the Aus-Pak ODI tonight... #cricket @IPL 7:17 PM Jan 22nd

Partnership between IPL and UNEP? What does that mean, less fireworks let off after every six hit? #cricket #environment #co2 8:11 AM Jan 23rd

Meanwhile, operatives from the IPL were live-tweeting more "exciting" announcements about the 2010 series.. er, tournament.

January 23, 2010:

An unsung giant of Australian sport has died. RT @CricketAus: Australian cricket mourns the passing of Betty Wilson

If Karen Rolton's retirement on Wednesday should have been big news, the death on Friday of the greatest female cricketer in Australia's history, Betty Wilson, should have been huge. Of course, it wasn't.

Look away for the next three hours if you don't like women's #cricket, twenty20 or unbridled pro-NSW bias. I'm doin it all here. 3:38 PM Jan 23rd

#cricket Victoria won the toss and batting first in the womens t20 final, but go @NSW_Breakers! 3:41 PM Jan 23rd

#cricket Both teams wearing black armbands as mark of respect to the late, great Betty Wilson. #wt20 3:55 PM Jan 23rd

#cricket First wicket to the @nsw_breakers' Sarah Andrews. Vic 1/32 after 6. 4:00 PM Jan 23rd

#cricket vic 2/51 after 9. Stumping off a wide that should have been not out. Then a run out not given! 4:11 PM Jan 23rd

#cricket After 20 overs @vic_spirit 5/127 in the women's final. Challenging chase for the @nsw_breakers 4:47 PM Jan 23rd

#cricket Come on ye @nsw_breakers! 5:01 PM Jan 23rd

#cricket and Leah Poulton out in the first over. NSW 1/7 after 1 over chasing 128. 5:04 PM Jan 23rd

#cricket Alex Blackwell ct behind to a good Clea Smith seamer for no score. NSW 2/8 in 2nd over. 5:08 PM Jan 23rd

#cricket argh. Alyssa Healy gone for a duck. NSW 3/8. 5:09 PM Jan 23r

#cricket make that 4/8 after 2.1 overs. NSW struggling, to say the least 5:12 PM Jan 23rd

#cricket Kate Blackwell gone, NSW 5/21 after 6.2 overs chasing 128. Can't see them getting out of this, alas. 5:27 PM Jan 23rd

#cricket Sthalekar out for 9. NSW 7/40 after 11 overs. I think we can call this for the @vic_spirit. 5:44 PM Jan 23rd

#cricket NSW all out 75. @vic_spirit win by 52 runs, and are the WNCL T20 champions. 6:00 PM Jan 23rd

#cricket crowd looks to be building at the Adelaide Oval for the men's Big Bash final. Pity they couldn't see a closer finish to the women. 6:03 PM Jan 23rd

#cricket Congratulations to the @vic_spirit, inaugural Aus womens T20 champs. Commiserrations to @nsw_breakers. 6:05 PM Jan 23rd

The Womens Twenty20 final was televised on Fox Sports, and I had the rare opportunity to follow the game live, complete with New South Wales' agonising top-order collapse. The game was curtain-raiser to the mens KFC Big Bash final at the Adelaide Oval, in which Victoria completed the double and defeated South Australia. (No mark of respect for Betty Wilson, alas.)

@IPL I look forward to seeing further detail of the IPL-UNEP partnership which, on the surface, totally defies belief. 8:35 PM Jan 23rd

Among the Indian Premier League's "exciting" announcements for 2010 was one about a strategic partnership with the United Nations Environmental Program, one which will see the IPL become "carbon neutral". Details are yet to come.

January 24, 2010:

Cricket Australia did a great job with the T20 Big Bash this year, but let's not overdo it. No city-based franchises, thank you. #cricket 7:07 AM Jan 24th

#cricket of course, I should put on my best King Canute accent when I say "no city-based franchises". Oh, congrats @bushrangers #kfct20 7:37 AM Jan 24th

RT @zimcricket Rocks 263 & 185 (Maregwede 79, Utseya 5/28), Mountaineers 562/9d. Mountaineers win by an innings & 114 runs. #cricket 9:06 AM Jan 24th

Go PNG! #cricket RT @ICCU19CWC: Papua New Guinea beat Afghanistan by 30 runs thanks to 5 wickets from Raymond Haoda 3:35 PM Jan 24th

#cricket Dark Greens lead Dark Greens 2-0. Dark Greens were dismal, totally outplayed by Dark Greens. 9:31 PM Jan 24th

January 25, 2010:

#cricket Afghanistan bt Ireland in Intercontinental Cup. Ireland's first such loss since 2004, a BIG upset! 7:44 AM Jan 25th

#cricket Telegraph (UK) reports ICC preparing for #knobgate enquiry 7:49 AM Jan 25th

Harbhajan Singh commits #cricket's most heinous crime - damaging an advertising sign. 8:55 PM Jan 25th

January 26, 2010:

#cricket Remember the 1999 World Cup Final between the canary yellows and the lime greens? Look how far we've come in a decade. 2:34 PM Jan 26th

#cricket Congratulations to Matthew Hayden (AM), Dennis Lillee (AM), Steve Bernard (OAM), Trevor Hohns (OAM) all in Aust Day Honours List 6:43 PM Jan 26th

January 28, 2010:

#cricket Afghanistan finished 16th of 16 in their first @ICCU19CWC. Encouraging start, or are they the next Kenya or Nepal? 10:42 AM Jan 28th

#cricket USA finished 15th of 16 in @ICCU19CWC. US cricket admin still a basket case. Exposure to IPL will not help them. 10:44 AM Jan 28th

#cricket Zimbabwe flogged Hong Kong for 13th/14th placings in @ICCU19CWC. 13th place for Zimbabwe is Ouch! territory. 10:47 AM Jan 28th

#cricket Bangladesh finish 9th in @ICCU19CWC with huge win over Ireland who come 10th. 2:56 PM Jan 28th

#cricket #u19wc Canada take 11th spot, Papua New Guinea 12th. Playoff settled in last over. 3:38 PM Jan 28th

@IPL Will the IPL be cutting down on the fireworks let off at each game as part of its Green leadership? 5:59 PM Jan 28th from web

IPL meets UNEP meets Carbon Offsets. Cynicism overdrive here I come! 8:30 PM Jan 28th

January 29, 2010:

@ramansundar Can you point me to more information about the "ecofriendly fireworks" the IPL is using? 9:10 AM Jan 29th

Following IPL COO Sundar Raman's reply to several people (though not to me) that the IPL's fireworks are ecofriendly (followed by smiley), I asked for more information. As at lunchtime on February 2, no reply.

#cricket Congratulations to the West Indies who have beaten Sri Lanka to finish 3rd in the #u19wc! 4:26 PM Jan 29th

January 30, 2010:

#cricket Go NSW! RT @NSW_Breakers Match is being live streamed on 10:05 AM Jan 30th

#cricket and go Australia in the #u19wc final, although they haven't made a good start (83/5 after 22) 10:08 AM Jan 30th

#cricket @NSW_Breakers off to a good start in WNCL 50 overs final, 1/85 (24.1 ov) vs @vic_spirit 11:27 AM Jan 30th

#cricket RT @CricketAus Trent Copeland has claimed the second-best figures by a New South Welshman on debut after ta... 12:19 PM Jan 30th

#cricket Congratulations to Mitchell Marsh and the boys. Australia are the Under-19 world champions! 3:44 PM Jan 30th

#cricket I haven't been watching the final but it sound like it has been a good battle. Congrats to Pakistan on their 2nd place in the comp. 3:46 PM Jan 30th

#cricket Now to picture a NSW side with Josh Hazlewood and Trent Copeland sharing the new ball... 3:57 PM Jan 30th

#cricket Congratulations to the @NSW_Breakers for a big win over Victoria in the WNCL 50-over final today! 4:48 PM Jan 30th

My congratulatory message to the Breakers was re-tweeted by NSW Leader of the Opposition Barry O'Farrell. Unfortunately, Premier Kristina Kenneally has made no acknowledgment, either on Twitter or, as far as I can tell, anywhere.