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Building Bridges, with Warren Truss

Welcome to the premiere of Sky News Australia's kinder, gentler, interactive political talk show and weekly engineering tutorial all wrapped in one, "Building Bridges with Warren Truss".

This week's special guests:

Tony Abbott.

"we will hold them ferociously to account because that is what the Australian people will expect of us." *

Barnaby Joyce.

"I believe that that decision wasn't the view of their electorate, which disappoints me quite a bit, because their electorate obviously wanted a Coalition government" *

Christopher Pyne.

"I think it's fair to say that Julia Gillard has never been elected by the Australian public to be Prime Minister." *

George Brandis.

"Most Australians wanted a change of government. Your government has as much legitimacy as the Pakistani cricket team." *

Ron Boswell.

"Oakeshott has always been a Labor Party person masquerading in National Party clothing and this is why I say the only reason it could be, because it must be payback." *

Wilson Tuckey.

"I await for his vision of his maiden speech, when I think he believes the entire parliament will turn up to listen to him, when he'll be lucky to have others there than his relatives. He is a nobody." *

Bill Heffernan.

"It's the devil here! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!" *

And here is your host. Please put your spans together for...
Warren Truss!

"I think that is a lost opportunity for Australia..." *