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aus parliament 43

An historically great speech from Prime Minister Gillard

History loves great speeches, and much of the time ignores their backstories. Prime Minister Julia Gillard gave a brilliant address to the House of Representatives on October 9, 2012 excoriating the current opposition leader Tony Abbott.

Yes, ministers

It was all so much simpler back in the days when I did my school assignment on the Gorton Ministry. The most complex part then was having separate ministers for Army, Navy and Air Force. Even the Minister for Munitions was long gone by then.

All matters relating to communications were handled by the Postmaster-General. We had (and indeed, still do) an Attorney-General, although never a Surgeon-General - and alas, no Witchfinder-General.


Building Bridges, with Warren Truss

Welcome to the premiere of Sky News Australia's kinder, gentler, interactive political talk show and weekly engineering tutorial all wrapped in one, "Building Bridges with Warren Truss".

This week's special guests:

Tony Abbott.

"we will hold them ferociously to account because that is what the Australian people will expect of us." *

Barnaby Joyce.

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