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London Day Eight early edition: Stuff from Week One

It's one whole week since the opening of the Games of the Triple-x Olympiad. As that traditional Australian saying goes: There are no winners and losers, just silver medallists. Here are a few random items from the first seven days that I haven't previously mentioned:

There were the Twitter feeds of @NBCDelayed and @OlympicSeat, the voices of two of the week's biggest off-field controversies.

There was Ruben Limardo Gascon, winner of the men's individual epee and Venezuela's first gold medallist since 1968, leaving the ExCel arena on the tube and with his medal still around his neck, being twitpic'd by his fellow commuters.

There was the dog that greeted the cyclists during the peloton in the men's road race:

and the warning to humans to not trying anything similar:

And there was the insight of Micronesian weightlifter Manuel Minginfel, said to reporters after finishing 10th in the 62kg:

"I expected to do better but the weights were too heavy."

Well, yes.