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Blocked by Senator Burston

It has been coming for a while but Senator Brian Burston (PHON, NSW) has blocked me from commenting or reacting on his official Facebook page.

He has every right to do this, of course, but I think I have been removed posting too much dissenting opinion in the comments, too much literate reasoned dissent, too much polite dissent.

In short, I have polluted the wall-to-wall cheerleading of the devoted One Nation faithful.


Censorship: It's not just for the Chinese

Advocacy group GetUp! had booked advertising space on Channel Seven before and after the opening ceremony on Friday night to show a thirty-second appeal to Kevin Rudd to speak out for the human rights of Tibetans whilst in China this week.

The ad didn't go to air. Channel Seven said that they didn't receive a booking for the ad, no, wait, they later said they had a booking but it was for a GetUp! Fuelwatch ad, no, wait, they couldn't show it because the opening ceremony ran overtime, no, wait...

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