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climate change

ANTARA News :: Around 2,000 Indonesian islands may have disappeared by 2030

Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) - Around 2000 islands in Indonesia may have
disappeared by 2030 following an expected rise in the sea level,
Yogyakarta Meteorology and Geophysics Office (BMG) chief Jaya Murjaya
said here on Wednesday [May 23].

"Up to 2030, the sea level will rise by eight to 29 centimeters and
engulf around 2,000 islands in Indonesia," Jaya Murjaya said in a
National Geographic Seminar at the Yogyakarta State University (UNY).

The Darwin Declaration: the declaration you have when you have nothing to declare

"We determined that addressing the challenges of energy security and sustainable development should be based on well-functioning markets that are progressively characterised by free and open trade, secure and transparent frameworks for investment, market-based price signals, market transparency, good governance and effective competition."

- Paragraph 5, The Darwin Declaration on Achieving Energy Security and Sustainable Development through Efficiency, Conservation and Diversity, 29.5.07

Rupert the greenie

Rupert Murdoch is a bloody shrewd businessman. And like many in business these days, he knows that the long-term effects of climate change are bad for business. Hence this week's announcements of News Corporation's plans for carbon neutrality.

Here's the News Corp press release, and a full transcript of Rupert's speech on Wednesday morning.

States rights

I have always been a vigorous supporter of the national interest taking precedence over states' rights in this country. The Australian Constitution, while in many ways robust and successful, was also a document of compromise, with the six states ceding specific areas of responsibility to the Commonwealth, and retaining everything else.

Thoughts of Chairman John

Australia's Can't-Do Prime Minister on Climate Change:

Quote number one (House of Reps Question Time, 28.3.07):

"I am aware of the views expressed by Sir Nicholas Stern. Some of the views that he has expressed I agree with, some I have reservations about and some, I believe, if implemented, literally would do great damage to the Australian economy. When it comes to the decisions of the government, uppermost in our mind will be the national interest, not the views of any one individual, however eminent he may be regarded by some."

CLIMATE CHANGE: Islands Could Fall Off the Map

CLIMATE CHANGE: Islands Could Fall Off the Map
- BERLIN, Feb 17 (Tierramérica) - Sylt, the largest of Germany's Frisian islands, in the North Sea, lost at least 800,000 cubic metres of sand from its beaches in the last two months, because of heavy storms and flooding that have marked the northern hemisphere autumn and winter seasons.

A shameful week in Australian politics

KEVIN RUDD: Does the Prime Minister recall his industry minister saying just six months ago: "I am a sceptic of the connection between emissions and climate change"? Does the Prime Minister support this statement?

Mr HOWARD: It is not only remarks made by people in this parliament. There is a farmer I know who is sceptical about that connection as well! But we can debate. Let me say to the Leader of the Opposition that the jury is still out on the degree of connection.

A truth ever less convenient

There can be few more disturbing documents released in quite a long time than the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's latest assessment report, published on Thursday.

The PDF of the 21-page "Summary for Policymakers" can be downloaded from here. There is more background on the IPCC website, but let me reproduce, in full, the press release issued by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) on Thursday:

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