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climate change

Senator Milne at the National Press Club

Senator Christine Milne, the deputy leader and climate change spokesperson for the Australian Greens, gave a really inspiring speech as the televised National Press Club address on the ABC today. I'm not sure whether any of the video will turn up on Youtube or elsewhere. If you get the chance, set the recorder for ABC1 from 3.25am to 4.25am tonight (that's Thursday morning June 18) to catch the repeat.

Senator Milne's prepared text is as follows. Source and accompanying press release at her website, part of the empire:

Simply pathetic

The signs were ominous. Firstly, the news that Penny Wong was not going to take Australia's emissions targets to COP 14 in Poznan last week, but would announce them on December 15, after the UN meeting was over.

Secondly, on Friday, the very day that COP 14 was wrapping up in Poland, Kevin Rudd announced, as part of a $4.7 billion "nation building package", an investment of $1.2 billion in the Australian Rail Track Corporation to "more than double the amount of coal being transported to export markets".

Who do you trust on national security?

According to the Newspoll published in today's The Australian, 49% of respondents said that the Coalition (Liberal/Nats, not The Willing) would best handle national security, while 26% said the Labor Party. (And 25% either uncommitted, or with another choice.)

I really can't understand for the life of me how anyone could argue that the Libs have demonstrated competence in handling national security.

Consider their record:

A thousand wells for Darfur

It may be a tad simplistic to describe the conflict in Darfur as "the world's first climate-change war", but the following press release from Boston University on July 11 gives hope of a science-driven resolution to probably the world's worst humanitarian crisis of the present day:

'1,000 Wells for Darfur' initiative launched

Youtubes do dia: Archimedes and Newton

As Live Earth fades away into oblivion, here are the two remaining Greenpeace ten-second PSA's featuring the claymation climate change epiphanies of Archimedes and Sir Isaac Newton (following on from the Einstein video that I featured yesterday):


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