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christine milne

Senator Milne at the National Press Club

Senator Christine Milne, the deputy leader and climate change spokesperson for the Australian Greens, gave a really inspiring speech as the televised National Press Club address on the ABC today. I'm not sure whether any of the video will turn up on Youtube or elsewhere. If you get the chance, set the recorder for ABC1 from 3.25am to 4.25am tonight (that's Thursday morning June 18) to catch the repeat.

Senator Milne's prepared text is as follows. Source and accompanying press release at her website, part of the empire:

Youtubes do dia: The People's Forum

The leader of the Greens wasn't invited to the Leaders Debate, so he organised his own. Not a debate as such, but a forum held on Sunday night concurrently the Diet of Worms. Organised at short notice, with the promise that parties other than the Greens will be invited next time, this was essentially the Bob Brown and Friends Show.

Intended as a live stream which failed, it was posted on Youtube in chunks progressively during Sunday night. I've assembled the eight videos into a playlist which runs approximately 53 minutes.

Greensblog, the official blog of the four Greens senators, did live blogging of the People's Forum, which is handy to follow as the sound quality on the video is not crash-hot at times. Also included in the live blog was reportage of the Kevin 07 v John Ol'55 contretemps.

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