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Youtubes do dia: Archimedes and Newton

As Live Earth fades away into oblivion, here are the two remaining Greenpeace ten-second PSA's featuring the claymation climate change epiphanies of Archimedes and Sir Isaac Newton (following on from the Einstein video that I featured yesterday):

Anchorage Day Two: WBC super-heavyweights after dark

Greenpeace have set up a tent outside IWC59, where they are recording video blog entries for what they call the Whale Broadcasting Corporation. Their programming includes such items as "WBC News Update", "Good Morning Anchorage", and "Whales After Dark".

The latter sounds like a cetacean porn show, but Monday's premier episode was in fact a discussion panel including, among other luminaries, the Eastern Suburbs' very own John Howard mouthpiece, Malcolm Turnbull.

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