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dickie knee

Dickie Knees

It all makes sense, you know...

  • Makhaya Ntini injured his knee during the Second Test at Melbourne
  • An injured knee is known as a "dicky knee"
  • Dickie Knee was a puppet on the 1990s Channel Nine variety program "Hey Hey It's Saturday"
  • The voice of Dickie Knee was played by prominent Melbourne radio identity John Blackman
  • Shane Warne called Makhaya Ntini "John Blackman" because he was batting with a dicky knee.

Shane, you may be, as you told the world in 1998, "naive and stupid", but we're not. Even if that is all there is to the remark, how utterly dopey was it to use the word "Blackman" to a black South African opponent in any context?

Warne should have been disciplined for disrepute for the sheer insensivity of the remark, and it reflects poorly on all those in the Australian camp who condoned it.

Anyway, take a look at this article in the Sunday Herald Sun for a startling revelation about the real Dickie Knee.

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