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From Newsvine to Delicious

I have decided to deprecate the use of Newsvine as the clippings service on from 1 July 2010. Any new clippings that I bookmark from that date will be held on delicious.

The reasons include delicious' greater flexibility, configurability, wider user base, and (important) the existence of an API. Delicious is owned these days by Yahoo!, while Newsvine is part the new-media extension of old-media behemoths NBC and the Washington Post.

Upgrade it one more time

My hosting provider has upgraded my site to PHP 5, now that PHP 4 has become an unsupported product. I'm taking advantage of the occasion to upgrade Drupal on this blog to version 5.5.

Consequently, things may look a little odd (or not even work at all) for the next day or two till I have finished the rebuild.

And then, lots to say about the Over-the-top hoo-haa over the Sydney Test.

Cricket blog update

I'm continuing to migrate my cricket site into my new Drupal-powered content management system. This will take a while as I do this in my spare time (eg, rainy Saturday mornings).

For cricket afficionados, will continue to be your starting point for all things cricket. I've added a Technorati-driven list of recent posts on the blogosphere with the tags "ashes" and "cricket" as a means of following discussion of the Ashes over the coming months.

I'm not sure at the moment how much effort I will be able to devote to commenting on the Ashes. I really enjoyed doing my bloggage of the 2005 series, and I'd love to get into it again.

I'm also eager to hear your feedback on my blog and other cricket stuff. If I reach the conclusion that I'm talking to myself then I'll probably start thinking about winding it up.

Comments, either in the box below, or through the contact page.

A change of blog

Wordpress has been (and continues to be) very good to me. However, after two and a bit years, I am deprecating the brand and freezing its blog. There's a lot of great reading there, but from October 1 my blog address will be

I'm now using Drupal, which offers a more comprehensive range of features than Wordpress, which is a great program if you only want to blog. Drupal is also the CMS I use for the two church websites that I have worked on recently.

Bear with me as I work out the new navigation and theme.

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