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Not a Lincoln, just a Ford

Ever since rejecting the petty, power-mongering King George III of England during the war for independence, Americans have seemed to miss having royals to coddle. But whenever we give kingly treatment to a president upon his death, we cheat history.

- Editorial on the death of Gerald R.Ford, Boulder Daily Camera, 28.12.06

The memorial tour for the 38th US President will roll over the next few days. With Ford being an Episcopalian by religion, the Episcopal News Service has details on his funeral and his Episcopalian background.

Day 9 Part 2: Timor Leste, Great Moments in Choking and the War on Error

Back in the days when the Olympic Spirit meant something, there was an adage that talked about it being more important to take part than to win. (Or, if you're Michael Phelps, it's more important to win than to take part.) The Olympic Spirit is alive and well in Timor Leste.

Game of the Week: Donkey John

The evil Donkey John is laying claim to Timor Leste's oil resources. Guide brave Xanana Gusmario up the oil rig using the arrow keys, jumping the stolen barrels of oil. Activate the International Crane of Justice and use it to bring greedy Donkey John down.

You need to have Flash installed on your computer, but this online parody of the classic computer games is great fun if you do!

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