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Sixty years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

December 10, 1948 - the day the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly. There's background on the UDHR on the UN website, at Wikipedia and, lest his role be forgotten, the Evatt Foundation.

In honour of the sixtieth anniversary of this important document I reproduce it in full here:

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy 2

"She started with nothing, and put the house on the line 20 years ago to get a sufficient loan from the bank, initially it was a private loan and then she had to put the house on the line later on, in order to build up the business.... So, she started from scratch. Built it up. Good on her. And she’s done that, I’ve got to say, without any help from me, which is probably why she succeeded."

- Therese Rein's husband, 18.9.08 (source:

UN threatens US sovereignty outrage shock

The United Nations is usurping the sovereignty of the United States of America. It is taking over large tracts of US land by means of a sinister device called the "World Heritage Listing".

Last Saturday's edition of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has an interview with Nathan Tabor, who explains all.

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