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karl rove

Rove, Beazley White House video shock

Uproar this week over the release of "Barney Cam 5: Barney's Christmas Adventure", the latest in an annual series of documentaries produced by, and starring, the US Scottie-in-Chief, Barney the Dog.

Featured in this nine-minute expose of the corridors of White House power are the President's special adviser, Rove McManus, and the US Underscottie-in-Chief, Miss Beazley.

And, I can reveal here exclusively that Miss Beazley's previously-undisclosed first name is Kim.

RNC: Picking fleas with Barney

"When I spend time with Barney, we bark together. We pick fleas together." Thus spake one dog of a president. That scene, from an informercial within that huge Fascist Infomercial called the Republican National Convention, is meant to show us, no doubt, how much GWB is an ornery guy who loves his critters.

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