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How to upstage a book launch

Breaking news, as His Haplessness The Good Doctor Nelson calls a leadership spill. The parliamentary Liberal Party will vote tomorrow morning, shortly before the Honourable Member for Higgins gives a national-televised book launch on the non-commercial national broadcaster.

The PM who never was

Did you notice that John Howard did not explicitly state anything about stepping down as Liberal Party leader last night? Even though he talked about the future opposition leader, and endorsing Peter Costello for the job, it was taken for granted that he would not hang around as Leader of the Opposition.

I'm betting that he hopes he loses in Bennelong so that he can get the agony of defeat over with quicker. Irony is, he might yet be saved by postal votes. All that means is that Maxine McKew will win the by-election in early 2008.

Youtubes do dia: Abbott and Costello meet The Invisible Man

My focus today is on Tony Abbott, minister for health and aging, and honourable member for Warringah; and Peter Costello, federal treasurer and honourable member for Higgins.

First, Abbott and Costello debate themselves over the major issue of the day.
Second, the Invisible Man acts as stunt double for Abbott at the National Press Club.
Third, Costello is picked on by someone smaller than him who is not John Howard.
And finally, exclusive footage as Federal Cabinet calculate the size of a budget surplus.

Collusion to conceal the election date?

Exhibit A:

PETER COSTELLO: This is the last question time—

Opposition members interjecting—

PETER COSTELLO: It could well be the last question time before the election...

(source: Hansard, 20.9.07)

Exhibit B:

[Dave] Hughes: "What are you talking about, the election or the grand final?"

Go Arnie!

"At this rate, it will take Australia 267 years to make the kind of shift to solar that California has planned for 10 years - a million solar roofs by 2017."

- Senator Christine Milne (The Greens), 8.5.07

Senator Milne is referring to the extensions in the solar panel rebate program, or PVRP - Photo Voltaic Rebate Program announced in the 2007-08 Federal Budget. Extensions worth $150 million - that's $7 per capita. Seven dollars.

Budging it

Even Peter Costello who, one way or another, will not be Treasurer in 2005,...

- Rick Eyre, 1.10.04

Peter Costello is still in parliament, still in government, and still the treasurer, and tonight he handed down his 12th budget. He's been lucky that China has been such an avid buyer of Australian natural resources, a phenomenon that is better known under the expression "The Howard Government's strong economic management".

Two Australias

"It is inconceivable that a country as wealthy as Australia cannot solve a health crisis affecting less than 3% of its population."

- from "Close The Gap: Solutions to the Indigenous Health Crisis facing Australia", April 2007

The NACCHO/Oxfam Australia joint report on the state of indigenous health in this country makes for heartbreaking reading. Just one small extract from the executive summary makes for a depressing introduction:


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