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peter debnam

Seven weeks till a 0-0 draw

Seven Saturdays from today, March 24, is the NSW State Election. It's a rather depressing occasion this time around. On one side, a Labor government whose record is so bad in some areas that it deserves, not to be thrown out of office, but to be hurled out of the highest window. On the other hand, a Liberal/Nationals opposition led by one of the most disturbing excuses for a party leader that I have ever seen.

Another day close to resolution?

"What we've seen in the last 72 hours are more urban terrorists terrorising the community"

- Peter Debnam, New South Wales Leader of the Opposition, 15.12.05

Pete, in the words of another passionate Australian xenophobe: Please explain?

Pollies aside, the community is getting on with the job of resolving the underlying causes of Sunday and Monday's riots. The Lebanese community - Muslim and Christian - have offered curfews this weekend as a means of helping defuse things this weekend. The Sutherland Shire Council's website has a sequence of media releases online outlining their course of action.

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